People Founders

The builders and risk-takers at the forefront of crypto and web3.


Founder & CEO at Composable Finance

Abdalla Kablan

Executive Chairman at DELTA Summit

Adam Back

CEO & Co-Founder at Blockstream

Adam Bozanich

Founder & CTO at Akash Network

Adam Levy

Founder & Host at Mint Podcast

Adam Todd

CEO & Lead Developer at Digitex Token

Adrian Brink

Founder at Anoma Network


Creator at Akoin

Alan Chiu

Founder & CEO at Boba Network

Alex Atallah

Co-Founder at OpenSea

Alex Batlin

CEO & Founder at Trustology

Alex Graveley

CEO at MinionAI

Alex Krüger

Founder at Aike Capital

Alex Mashinsky

Chairman at USA STRONG

Alex Smirnov

Co-Founder and Project Lead at deBridge

Alex Tapscott

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager at Ninepoint Partners

Alexandre Dreyfus

CEO at

Alexandre Kech

CEO at Onechain Custodian

Ali Raheman

Founder at Autonio Foundation

Alistair Milne

Co-Founder & CIO at Altana Digital Currency Fund

Alon Goren

Founding Partner at Draper Goren Holm

Amber Baldet

Co-Founder & CEO at Clovyr

Anastasija Plotnikova

CEO & Co-Founder at Fideum

Anatoly Yakovenko

Co-Founder at Solana Labs

Andre Cronje

Architect at

André Sousa Lages

Co-Founder at Lympid

Andrew Fai

Founder at DeStation Protocol

Andrew Ivison

CEO at Nifty Football

Andrew Yang

Presidential Candidate at Yang2020

Anndy Lian

Chief Digital Advisor at Mongolian Productivity Organization

Anthony Charlton

Co-Founder & CEO at Utopian Game Labs

Anthony Di lorio

CEO & Founder at Decentral

Anthony Lesoismier Genieux

Co-Founder & CSO at SwissBorg

Anthony Pompliano

Co-Founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets

Anthony Scaramucci

Founder & Managing Partner at SkyBridge Capital Management

Anthony Xie

Founder at HodlBot

Anton Bukov

Co-founder, Lead Software Engineer & Architect at 1inch Network

Anton Ipatov

Founder at GM Crypto

Antoni Trenchev

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Nexo

Antonio Juliano

Founder & CEO at dYdX (Native)

Ari Meilich

Founder at Big Time

Arthur Breitman

CTO & Co-Founder at Tezos

Arthur Cheong

CEO at DeFiance Capital

Arthur Hayes

Co-Founder & former CEO at BitMEX

Atul Ajoy

Partner at Horseshoe Capital

Balaji Srinivasan

Co-Founder and Board Member at Coin Center

Bård Ionson

Artist CEO at Bard Ionson Art

Baris Ozistek

Chairman at Boğaziçi Ventures

Barry Silbert

Founder & CEO at Digital Currency Group

Ben Armstrong

Founder at BitBoy Crypto

Ben Delo

Co-Founder at BitMEX

Ben Horowitz

Co-founder at a16z

Ben Kurland


Ben Lakoff

Co-Founder and Business Lead at Charged Particles

Ben Zhou

CEO & Co-Founder at Bybit

Beniamin Mincu

Founder & CEO at MultiversX

Benjamin Diggles

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Constellation Network

Bill Barhydt

Founder & CEO at Abra

Bill Shihara

Co-Founder and CEO at Coin Hunt World

Bob Bodily

Co-founder & CEO at Bioniq

Bobby Lee

CEO & Founder at Ballet

Bobby Ong

COO & Co-Founder at CoinGecko

Brendan Blumer

CEO at

Brendan Eich

Co-Founder & CEO at Brave Browser

Brent Xu

Founder and CEO at Umee

Brian Armstrong

CEO & Co-Founder at Coinbase

Brian Fu

Co-Founder & Co-Project Lead at zkLend

Brock Pierce

Co-Founder at

Bryan Baum

Co-Founder at K5 Global

Burcak Ünsal

Managing Partner at Ünsal Law Firm

Cagla Gul Senkardes

Founding Board Member at Istanbul Blockchain Women Association

Caitlin Long

Chairman at WyoHackathon

Cal Evans

Managing Associate at Gresham International

Calvin Ayre

Advocate at Bitcoin SV

Cameron Winklevoss

President & Co-Founder at Gemini

Camila Garzon

Developer Relations at Edge & Node, GraphProtocol

Camila Russo

Founder at The Defiant

Carlos Domingo

CEO & Founder at Securitize

Cathie Wood

Founder, CEO & CIO at Ark Invest

Chamath Palihapitiya

Founder at Social Capital

Chandra Duggirala

CEO & Co-founder at Portal

Changpeng Zhao

Former CEO & Co-Founder at Binance

Charles Hoskinson

CEO at Input Output

Charlie Lee

Creator at Litecoin

Charlie Shrem

Founder at CryptoIQ

Chieh Liu

CEO & Founder at Overbit

Chris Larsen

Executive Chairman at Ripple

Chun Wang

CEO & Founder at stakefish

Clinton Donnelly

CEO & Founder at CryptoTaxAudit

Cory Klippsten

CEO at Swan Bitcoin

Craig Cobb

Managing Director at Trader Cobb

Craig Sellars

Founder and Advisor at Tether

Craig Wright

Chief Scientist at nChain

Cyrus Fazel

Founder & CEO at SwissBorg

Da Hongfei

Founder at Neo

Dan Edlebeck

Co-Founder at Sei Network

Dan Larimer

CTO at

Dan Tapiero

Co-Founder at DTAP Capital

Dan Yanev

CPO & Co-founder at

Danny Yang

Founder and CEO at Metagood

Darius Tabatabai

Co-founder at Vertex

Dave Pulis


Dave Ripley

CEO at Kraken

David Chapman

Principal at Silvermine Capital Resources,LLC

David Chaum

CEO & Founder at Elixxir

David Lopez-Kurtz

Attorney at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

David Marcus

Co-Founder & CEO at Lightspark

David Sønstebø

Co-Founder at IOTA

David Tse

Co-Founder at BabylonChain Inc.

Davide Menegaldo

Chief Commercial Officer at Neon EVM

Dawn Song

CEO & Founder at Oasis Labs

Dayakar Reddy

Founder at Omnifix

Dennis Porter

Co-Founder and Chairman at Satoshi Action Fund

Derrick Foote

CEO & Founder at Temporal

Devin Finzer

Co-Founder and CEO at OpenSea

Do Kwon

Co-founder & Former CEO at Terraform Labs

Dominic Ryder

Co-Founder at Alvara Protocol

Dominic Williams

Founder & Chief Scientist at Dfinity

Dominik Schiener

Co-Founder at IOTA

Dovey Wan

Founding Partner at Primitive Ventures

Ebru Güven

Co-Founder at Istanbul Blockchain Women

Edison Chen

CEO & Co-founder at CUDIS

Edward Moncada

Co-Founder & CEO at

Elizabeth Stark

CEO & Co-Founder at Lightning Labs

Elnaz Sarraf

Founder & CEO at ROYBI Robot

Elon Musk

CEO at Tesla

Eman Pulis

CEO & Founder at Malta AI & Blockchain Summit


CEO & Co-Founder at XDEFI

Emin Gün Sirer

Founder & CEO at Ava Labs

Emmett Shear

Visiting Group Partner at Y Combinator

Eneko Knörr

Founder & CEO at Stabolut

Enrico Talin

Founder and President at Commercio

Erhan Korhaliller

Founder & CEO at EAK Digital

Eric Chen

CEO and Co-Founder at Injective

Erick Calderon

CEO at Art Blocks

Erik Voorhees

CEO & Founder at ShapeShift

Erik Zhang

Co-Founder & Core Developer at Neo

Esteban Ordano

Advisor at Decentraland

Ethan Buchman

Co-Founder at Cosmos

Ethan Fast

CTO & Co-Founder at Nash

Ethan Vera

CFO & Co-Founder at Luxor Technologies

Eugene Loza


Evgeny Gaevoy

Founder and CEO at Wintermute

Fabian Riewe

CEO and Co-Founder at KYVE Network

Farbood Nivi

CEO & Co-Founder at Coinmine

Faruk Fatih Özer

Founder & CEO at Thodex

Felix Xu

Co-Founder & CEO at ARPA

Francis Hunt

Founder - Director - Trader at The Market Sniper

Fred Ehrsam

Co-Founder at Paradigm

Fred Thiel

Chairman and CEO at Marathon Digital

Fred Wilson

Founder & Partner at Union Square Ventures

Gabor Guracs

Founder at PointsVille

Gabriel Anderson

Managing Director at Tachyon

Gajesh Naik

Founder & Project Lead at StableGaj

Galia Benartzi

Co-Founder at Bancor

Ganesh Swami

CEO at Covalent

Garry Krugljakow

Founder at GOGOcoin

Gavin Andresen

Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Foundation

Gavin Wood

Founder / Lead Developer at Parity Technologies

George Bachiashvili

Founder and CEO at Mission Gate

George Harrap

CEO & Co-Founder at Bitspark

Grant Blaisdell

CEO & Founder at Copernic Space

Greg Solano

Co-founder at Yuga Labs

Gregory Klumov

CEO & Co-Founder at STASIS

Gregory Landua

Co-Founder at Regen Network

Griffin Anderson

Head of Product - Archway Protocol at Ignite

Guv Kang

Founder & Investor at Bricktrade

Guy Turner

Co-Founder and Content Creator at Coin Bureau

Guy Zyskind

Founder at Secret

Hal Press

Founder at North Rock Digital

Harsh Rajat

Founder, Project Lead at Push Protocol

Hayden Adams

Creator and CEO at Uniswap

Henry Duckworth

CEO and Co-founder at AgriDex

Henry Wyatt

Founder & CEO at HLWGroup

Hossein Faramarzi

Founder at Coino Live

Hudson Jameson

Developer, DevOps, Comms at Ethereum Foundation

Hugo Feiler

Co-founder and CEO at Minima

Hunter Horsley

Co-founder, CEO at Bitwise

Huy Nguyen

CTO & Co-Founder at KardiaChain

Hyung Yeon Lee

Co-Founder at Crescent Network

Ilya Demydonok

CEO at Kattana

Ismail Khoffi

CTO and Co-founder at Celestia Org

Ivan Bjelajac

CEO & Co-Founder at MVP Workshop

Jack Dorsey

Founder & CEO at Block

Jack Lu

Founder & CEO at Wanchain

Jack Mallers

CEO & Founder at Strike (Zap Solutions, Inc)

Jacobo Toll-Messia

Founder & CEO at Hubii Network

Jake Claver

Director at Digital Ascension Group

Jake Hartnell

Co-Founder at Stargaze

Jake Yocom-Piatt

Project Lead at Decred

Jakub Wojciechowski

CEO and Founder at RedStone

James Davies

Co-Founder & CPO at Crypto Valley Exchange

James Junwoo Kim

CEO & Co-Founder at Xangle

James Roy Poulter

CEO, Founder at Consequence

James Todaro

Managing Partner at Blowntown Capital

James Wo

Founder & CEO at Digital Finance Group

Jan-Philip Grabs

Co-Founder at web3 Studios

Jane Ma

Co-Founder & Co-Project Lead at zkLend

Jared Tate

Founder at DigiByte

Jason Fang

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Sora Ventures

Jason Yanowitz

Co-Founder at Blockworks

Jazear Brooks

Founder at SifChain

Jean-Louis van der Velde

CEO at Bitfinex

Jean-Marie Mognetti

Co-Founder & CEO at CoinShares

Jed McCaleb

Co-Founder at Stellar

Jeff Garzik

Co-Founder at Bloq

Jeffrey Wilcke

Co-Founder at Grid Games

Jeremy Allaire

CEO at Circle

Jesse Powell

Former CEO & Co-Founder at Kraken

Jesse Proudman

CEO & Founder at Strix Leviathan

Jesse Shrader

CEO and Co-founder at Amboss Technologies

Jesus Rodriguez

CEO-CTO at IntoTheBlock

Jihan Wu

Co-Founder at Matrixport

Jimmy Song

Instructor at Programming Blockchain

Joao Lages

Co-founder at Lympid

Joe Bowman

CEO and Co-founder at Ingenuity (Quicksilver Protocol)

Joe Vezzani

CEO & Co-Founder at LunarCrush

Joey Krug

Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital

John Deaton

Founder and Host at CryptoLaw

John McAfee

CEO at Team McAfee

Johnny Lyu

CEO at KuCoin

Jon Karas

President & Co-Founder at Akoin

Jonathan G. Blanco

Founder & CEO at TF Labs

Jonathan Leong

Founder & Chairman at BTSE

Jonathan Schemoul

Founder at

Joonatan Lintala

CEO & Co-founder at Phaver

Jörg Molt

CEO at Satoshi School

Josef Holm

Founding Partner at Draper Goren Holm

Joseph Lubin

Founder at Consensys

Josh Rager

Co-Founder at BlockRoots

Julian Assange

Founder at Wikileaks

Julian Kopald

Founder at Prodoge

Julien Bouteloup

Founder at Stake DAO

Justin Bons

Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Cyber Capital

Justin Sun

Founder at TRON

Justin Sunerok

Founder & Lead Developer at Verge

Justin Wu

Founder at CoinState

Kain Warwick

Founder at Synthetix

Kate Mitselmakher

General Partner at Bloccelerate

Kathleen Breitman

Co-Founder at Tezos

Kathryn Haun

Founder at Haun Ventures

Kelly Loeffler

Former Member at United States Senate

Ken Kodama

CEO & Founder at EMURGO

Ken Timsit

Head / Managing Director at Cronos

Kenny Li

Core Contributor at Manta Network

Kevin O’Leary

Chairman at O'Shares Investments

Kory Hoang

CEO & Co-Founder at Stably

Kosala Hemachandra

CEO & Founder at MyEtherWallet

Kris Vaivods

CEO at Vorto Gaming

Kwun-Phite Lock

CEO at BXB Exchange

Kyle Davies

Co-Founder at Three Arrows Capital

Kyle Samani

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital

Lamine Brahimi

Managing Partner, Co-founder at Taurus SA

Lauren Ingram

Founder at Women of Web3

Lee Bratcher

Founder and President at Texas Blockchain Council

Leon Li

CEO & Founder at HTX

Lionel Rebibo

CEO & Co-founder at TRAKX

Lior Yaffe

Co-Founder and Director at Jelurida

Loi Luu

CEO & Co-Founder at

Long Vuong

CEO & Founder at TomoChain

Luis Cuende

Co-Founder & CEO at Aragon

Lukas Schor

Co-Founder at Safe

Luke Dashjr

Creator at Ocean Mining

Lynn Liss

COO & Co-Founder at Akoin

Mahbod Moghadam

Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Mucker Capital

Maksim Boiarov

CEO and Co-Founder at Apirone

Mance Harmon

Co-Founder and Former CEO at Hedera

Manel Sort

CEO & Co-Founder at Games for a Living (G4AL), Barcelona

Manish Kataria

President & Co-founder at Quadency

Marco Streng

CEO & Co-Founder at Genesis Group

Marina Atarova

Co-Founder at Cryptomondays Lisbon

Mark Karpelès

CEO at Karpeles Lab Inc.

Mark Lamb

Co-founder and CEO at CoinFLEX

Mark Mueller-Eberstein

CEO & Founder at Adgetec

Mark Rydon

Co-founder & CEO at Aethir

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO & Founder at Meta

Martin Koppelmann

CEO at Gnosis

Mati Greenspan

Founder at Quantum Economics

Matt Huang

Co-Founder at Paradigm

Matthew Blancarte

CTO & Co-Founder at CryptoSlate

Matthew Gould

Founder & CEO at Unstoppable Domains

Matthew Green

Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University

Max Kantelia

CEO & Co-Founder at Zilliqa

Max Keiser

Co-Host at Max & Stacy Report

Maxi Kuan

CEO at GensoKishi Metaverse

Maxine Ryan

COO & Co-Founder at Bitspark

Mel Gelderman

CEO at Monolith Studio

Meltem Demirors

Director, Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme at University of Oxford

Michael Arrington

Partner at Arrington XRP Capital

Michael Egorov

Founder & CEO at Curve Finance

Michael Ippolito

Co-Founder at Blockworks

Michael Kives

Co-Founder at K5 Global

Michael Moro

CEO at Genesis Trading

Michael Rosmer

Co-Founder at DEFIYIELD App

Michael Saylor

Executive Chairman at MicroStrategy

Miguel Pinho

CEO at

Mika Honkasalo

Founder at Access Protocol

Mike Belshe

Co-founder and CEO at BitGo

Mike Novogratz

CEO at Galaxy Digital

Mike Winkelmann

Digital Artist at Beeple

Milo McCloud

Creative Director & Co-Founder at

Min Kim

Co-Founder at ICON

Mitch Liu

CEO & Co-Founder at Theta

Moe Vela

CEO at MoeVela, LLC

Monica Durga

Founder & CEO at xHashtag

Muneeb Ali

Co-founder at Stacks

Narek Gevorgyan

CEO & Founder at CoinStats

Nate Whitehill

CEO & Co-Founder at CryptoSlate

Navin Vethanayagam

Chief Brain at IQ.Wiki

Navy Tse

Co-founder & CEO at Footprint Analytics

Neeraj Kashyap

CEO at

Nejc Kodrič

CEO & Co-Founder at Bitstamp

Nic Carter

Co-Founder at Coin Metrics

Nicholas Fett

CTO & Co-Founder at Tellor

Nicholas Gregory

CEO & Director at CommerceBlock

Nicholas Merten

Founder at Digifox

Nick Johnson

Founder & Lead Developer at Ethereum Name Service

Nick Rose Ntertsas

Founder and CEO at Ethernity Chain

Nikita Manovich

Co-Founder at CVAT.AI

Nikolay Storonsky

Founder & CEO at Revolut

Nischal Shetty

Co-Founder at Shardeum

Ockert Loubser

Developer, Architect and CEO at Core Decentralized Technologies

Olaf Carlson-Wee

Founder & CEO at Polychain Capital

Oleg Fomenko

Co-Founder at Sweat Economy

On Yavin

CEO at Cointelligence

Pat Larsen

CEO & Co-Founder at ZenLedger

Paul Barroso

CEO & Co-Founder at Atani

Paul Burnham

Founder at

Paul Tudor Jones

Founder, Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Tudor Investment Corporation

Pavel Bains

CEO at Bluezelle

Pavel Durov

CEO and Founder at Telegram

Peng Zhong

Former CEO at Ignite

Peter Lyon

Co-Founder & CTO at VYBEZ Inc

Peter Schiff

Chief Economist & Global Strategist at Europac

Peter Smith

CEO & Co-founder at

Peter Wood

CEO & Co-Founder at CoinBurp

Philipp Zentner

CEO & Founder at Li.Fi.

Pierre Rochard

Founder at Bitcoin Advisory

Preston Pysh

Show Host & Co-Founder at The Investor's Podcast

Rahul Sood

Co-Founder & CEO at Unikrn

Ralf Gerteis

Co-Founder & CEO at Scaleswap

Ramon Nuñez

Founder at Afterorder

Raoul Milhado

CEO at Elitium

Raoul Pal

CEO & Co-Founder at Real Vision Group

Raullen Chai

Co-Founder & CEO at MachineFi Lab

Ray Dalio

Co-Chief Investment Officer & Chairman at Bridgewater Associates

Ray Youssef

Former CEO at Paxful

Rebecca Liao

Co-founder & CEO at

Ric Burton

Early Designer at Ethereum

Richard Heart

Founder at HEX

Richard Welsh

Managing Partner at Decent Partners

Richie Lai

Co-Founder and CIO at Bittrex

Rob Wolff

Founder and Host at Digital Asset News

Robby Yung

CEO at Animoca Brands

Robert Beadles

President at Monarch

Robert Leshner

Founder at Compound

Robert Mao

Founder & CEO at ArcBlock

Robert Wesley

Co-Founder at Me Protocol

Roberto Machado

Founder & CEO at Subvisual

Robin Obermaier

CEO & Founder at Liquidium

Roger Ver

Executive Chairman at


Founder at Solend

Rosh Singh

CEO & Co-Founder at Quadency

Ross Ulbricht

Creator at Silk Road

Roy Hui

Founder at LightLink

Ruben Merre

CEO & Founder at NGRAVE

Rune Christensen

CEO & Founder at MakerDAO

Rupert Barksfield

Project Lead at Amulet Protocol

Russell Starr

Executive Chairman & CEO at Valour

Ryan Sean Adams

Founder at Mythos Capital

Ryan Selkis

CEO & Co-Founder at Messari

Sam Altman

Co-Founder and CEO at OpenAI

Sam Bankman-Fried

Former CEO & Founder at FTX

Sam Kazemian

Co-Founder & President at Everipedia

Sam Williams

Founder at Arweave

Samson Mow


Sandeep Nailwal

Co-Founder at Polygon

Sarah-Diane Eck

CEO and Founder at Lum Network

Sasha Ivanov

Founder & CEO at Waves

Scott Green

Founder & CEO at

Scott Lewis

Head of NFT Products at Uniswap

Sebastian Borget

Co-Founder and COO at The Sandbox

Sergej Kunz

Co-founder, Lead Fullstack Software Engineer & Architect at 1inch Network

Sergey Gorbunov

Builder & Co-Founder at Axelar Network

Sergey Nazarov

Creator at Chainlink

Shahaf Bar-Geffen


Shakil Khan

Co-Founder at Prima Materia

Shumo Chu

Core Contributor at Manta Network

Siddarth Patil

Founder at Comdex

Silvio Micali

Founder at Algorand

Simon Dixon

CEO & Co-Founder at BnkToTheFuture

Simon Jones

Co-Founder & CEO at Voltz

Simon Yu

CEO & Co-Founder at StormX

Sinan Koç

CEO & Founder at BiLira

Sistla Abhishek

Co-Founder at Omnifix

Soravis Srinawakoon

CEO & Co-Founder at Band Protocol

Spencer Dinwiddie

Professional Athlete at Dallas Mavericks

Stani Kulechov

Founder and CEO at Aave

Stephen Allen

Europe Lead & Core Contributor at CryptoOracle Collective

Steve Ehrlich

CEO at Voyager

Stuart Bullard

Executive Chairman at Fly Air, Inc.

Su Zhu

Co-Founder, CEO & CIO at Three Arrows Capital

Sunny Aggarwal

Co-Founder at Osmosis

Tate Berenbaum

Founder at

Taylor Monahan

Founder & CEO at MyCrypto

Thor Chan

CEO at

Tim Coulter

Professor of Computer Science at Sonoma State University

Tom Brady

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman of the Board at Autograph

Tom Norwood

Co-Founder at Loop Finance

Tony Dhanjal

Head of Tax at Koinly

Tony Hollingsworth

Founder at Listen Campaign

Tony Tran

CTO & Co-Founder at Quadency

Tor Bair

Founder at Secret

Travis Kling

CIO & Founder at Ikigai Asset Management

Tristan Frizza

Founder at Zeta Markets

Trung Nguyen

Co-Founder & CEO at Axie Infinity

Tuur Demeester

Founder at Adamant Capital

Tyler Winklevoss

CEO & Co-Founder at Gemini

Veronica Wong

CEO at SafePal

Victor Ji

Core Contributor at Manta Network

Vignesh Sundaresan

Founder & Lead Architect at Lendroid

Viktor Radchenko

Founder at Trust Wallet

Vinny Lingham

Co-Founder & CEO at Civic

Vitalik Buterin

Co-Founder at Ethereum

Vitomir Jevremović

Co-Founder & CEO at ALL.ART

Vivek Ramaswamy

Former Presidential Candidate at United States

Will Clemente

Co-founder at Reflexivity Research

Will Harborne

Co-Founder & Strategy at

Will Warren

CEO & Co-Founder at 0x

Wylie Aronow

Co-Founder at Yuga Labs

Xiong Yidan

Co-Founder at BeeCast

Yaroslav Ivanov

Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) at ALTA

Yat Siu

Chairman of the Board & Co-founder at Animoca Brands

Yi He

CMO & Co-Founder at Binance

Yoni Assia

CEO & Founder at eToro

YuanJie Zhang

Co-Founder at Conflux Network

Yunus Emre Özbucak

Founder at Kripto Haber TR

Yuriy Kovalev

Founder at Zenfuse

Zac Prince

Founder & CEO at BlockFi

Zachary Williamson

Co-Founder & CEO at Aztec Protocol

Zaki Manian

Co-Founder at Sommelier Protocol

Zia Word

Founder at

Zooko Wilcox

Founder & CEO at Zcash

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