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Antoni Trenchev is the co-founder and managing partner of Nexo, a leading digital asset company best known for providing the world’s first instant crypto credit lines. Prior to catching the blockchain bug in early 2013, Trenchev studied finance law at Kingโ€™s College London and Humboldt University of Berlin. After college, he worked in the hedge fund industry before turning his attention to financial technology, becoming the chief innovations officer at Credissimo, a European fintech group specializing in online consumer lending that was an early backer of the Nexo enterprise.

As a member of Bulgariaโ€™s parliament, Trenchev advocated for progressive legislation to enable blockchain solutions for a variety of e-government services, most notably e-voting and the storage of databases in a distributed ledger.

Current Projects

Nexo, Managing Partner


Humboldt University of Berlin, Master of Laws - LLM, German and European Law, 2008-2010 King's College London, Bachelor's degree, Law, 2006-2008


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