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Max is CEO & Co-Founder at Anquan Capital, which has launched a group of deep tech and product companies including Zilliqa, Anqlave and Aqilliz. The mission at Anquan is to build a safe, high throughput and low-cost blockchain-based ecosystem that will enable innovative new startups and transform existing companies.

Max is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 yearsโ€™ experience of building and advising companies in Europe, the US and Asia. This includes some of the worldโ€™s fastest-growing hedge funds, fintech and techfin companies.

He was selected by EY as one of Asiaโ€™s Top 100 FinTech contributors in 2016.

The Anquan portfolio of ventures consists of Anqlave, Aqilliz & Zilliqa:

Anqlave has built a set of products based upon hardware rooted security that allows corporate and retail customers to protect their digital assets and data with unprecedented levels of security; this technology played a critical part on the DvP phase of Project UBIN which is a Singapore central bank initiative to explore clearing and settlement of payments & securities using blockchain technology.

Aqilliz is aimed at building products for the digital advertising and marketing industry, using the Zilliqa platform to remedy the imbalances in the industry.

Zilliqa is a secure, high throughput public blockchain and crypto currency platform that completed a TGE in January 2018 and achieved a $1bn market cap in May 2018. Zilliqa has already forged several major partnerships which will use the platform including Mindshare, one of the world’s largest digital advertising agencies.

Max is also a board member at Speik, the secure voice technology company and an advisory board member at 1031 Bank in Germany.

Max is an electronics engineer by background having started his career in radar systems design with GEC Marconi. He holds a degree in Engineering Science and was part of the London Business School Enterprise 100.

Max enjoys fine food & wine, jazz, anything automotive and tennis.

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