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Dovey is Managing Director of DHVC. She is an investor in Dfinity, Kyber Network, 0x, COSMOS/Tendermint, Chia network, Messari, Handshake, Blockfolio, StarkWare, and FOAM. She is on the board of directors of Theta Network and Spacemesh.

She is also serving as a mentor for the LAUNCH founded by Jason Calacanis, advisor to Arrington XRP Capital founded by Michael Arrington, Director of Academic Partnership of Open Blockchain Foundation.

Dovey has extensive experience with both Asia and the US crypto community, she is a token listing nominator for Huobi and, and serving as Zcash community board elector and leading Zcash ecosystem investment alliance.

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Current Projects

Primitive Ventures, Founding Partner CoinDesk, Advisory Board Member Spacemesh, Board Member Arrington XRP Capital, Advisor Tendermint, Advisor Figure, Investor Celer Network, Investor Messari, Investor Keep Network, Investor


Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Information System, 2010-2012 Sun-Yat-Sen University, Bachelor, Computer Software Engineering, 2006-2010



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