Dovey Wan

Founding Partner at Primitive Ventures

Dovey Wan Bio

Dovey Wan, as the Managing Director of DHVC, has established herself as a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Her investment portfolio is noteworthy, including pivotal contributions to Dfinity, Kyber Network, 0x, COSMOS/Tendermint, Chia Network, Messari, Handshake, Blockfolio, StarkWare, and FOAM. These investments underscore her strategic foresight and commitment to advancing blockchain technology.

Board Memberships and Advisory Positions

Wan’s leadership extends to serving on the board of directors for both Theta Network and Spacemesh, where her insights and expertise significantly contribute to their growth and development. Additionally, she offers her guidance as a mentor for LAUNCH, an initiative founded by Jason Calacanis. Her advisory role with Arrington XRP Capital, founded by Michael Arrington, further highlights her influence in the sector.

Bridging Asian and US Crypto Communities

With her extensive experience in both Asian and US crypto communities, Dovey Wan plays a vital role in connecting these two major markets. She is actively involved as a token listing nominator for leading exchanges like Huobi and, showcasing her influence in the global cryptocurrency landscape.

Contributions to the Zcash Community

Wan’s involvement with the Zcash community as a board elector and leader of the Zcash ecosystem investment alliance demonstrates her commitment to privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. This role allows her to impact the direction and growth of Zcash, contributing to its development and adoption.

Academic Partnerships and Open Blockchain Foundation

As the Director of Academic Partnership of the Open Blockchain Foundation, Dovey Wan bridges the gap between academic research and practical blockchain applications, fostering an environment of innovation and knowledge sharing in the blockchain space.

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Dovey Wan Education

  • Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Information System, 2010-2012
  • Sun-Yat-Sen University, Bachelor, Computer Software Engineering, 2006-2010

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