Brian Armstrong

CEO & Co-Founder at Coinbase

Brian Armstrong Bio

Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, stands at the forefront of the digital currency revolution. With a mission to simplify cryptocurrency access for the masses, Armstrong, along with Fred Ehrsam, established Coinbase in 2012. Today, with more than 35 million registered users, Coinbase is one of the most trusted and widely recognized digital currency exchanges in the world.

Professional Background

Before his groundbreaking achievements at Coinbase, Armstrong honed his technical skills as a software engineer, contributing to renowned companies such as Airbnb and Deloitte. A Rice University alumnus, he boasts an impressive academic background with a degree in Computer Science.

Advocacy and Impact

Recognized for his unyielding commitment to promoting the advantages of digital currencies, Armstrong consistently champions mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. His educational efforts extend beyond Coinbase, reaching global audiences and shaping perspectives on the future of finance.

In 2020, under Armstrong’s guidance, Coinbase made a notable stride, going public through a direct listing. This monumental move saw a significant surge in Armstrong’s net worth, further cementing his status in the cryptocurrency sphere.

As a leading voice in the industry, Armstrong’s insights on digital currencies and blockchain are frequently sought after by the media. Through his vision, leadership, and expertise, he continues to shape the future of digital finance and influence the trajectory of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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Brian Armstrong Current Work

Brian Armstrong Previous Work

  • AirBnB Software Engineer 2011-2012
  • CEO & Founder 2003-2012
  • Deloitte & Touche Consultant 2005
  • IBM Interm Team Lead 2003

Brian Armstrong Education

  • Rice University, Master's Degree, Computer Science, 2005-2006
  • Rice University, Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science, Economics, 2001-2005

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