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Regulated Cryptocurrency Custody in the Works, Leading Institutional Investors to Crypto

Coinbase — the second largest company in the cryptocurrency market behind $12 billion giant, Bitmain — is working with third-party custodians and hedge funds to bring institutional investors into the cryptocurrency market. In the past few months, prominent hedge fund...

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How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Digital Advertising

The disruption of the cumbersome supply chain industry by platforms such as Waltonchain, VeChain, and Ambrosus is evidence of the potential blockchain may have on centralized systems. However, the next industry to be revolutionized after the decentralization of the supply chain ecosystem...

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Bitcoin is Beating Big Money: Smaller Financial Platforms Cash In on Crypto While Big Banks Miss Out

Big banks and traditional financial institutions who stand to lose out the most from the blockchain revolution remain opposed to the growth of decentralized currencies — but recently released data demonstrates that slow-moving centralized financial structures are slowly being...

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Five Reasons to Be Bullish About Bitcoin, Ethereum and the Future of Crypto

The cryptocurrency market recently experienced a bearish run driven by a range of factors including Mt Gox “Tokyo Whale” sell-offs, delayed institutional investor participation, and regulatory pressure. With the crypto market dropping 18% since May 20, investor sentiment has...

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Is it Ethical to Invest in the Petro? A Close Look at Venezuela’s New Cryptocurrency

On the 3rd of December 2017, controversial Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced a surprising new initiative aimed at addressing Venezuela’s economic turmoil — the development of a state-backed cryptocurrency called the “Petro.” The announcement sparked international debate on the...

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CEO of Edgecoin says Bitcoin 2018 price of $25,000 to $50,000 seems possible

In 2018, Bitcoin’s price might reach $50,000 but nowadays growth by 2000% at current price is impossible, according to CEO and Co-founder at Edgecoin.io Kambiz Djafari. Before Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar, its organizers interviewed the future speaker concerning...

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