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Nicholas Fett is an economist, developer, and founder at Tellor, a decentralized oracle on the Ethereum network. Former positions include an economist at the US CFTC, the federal regulator for derivatives and cryptocurrencies, where he studied market structure of derivatives markets and implications of new technologies.

He then went on to found Daxia, a derivatives protocol focusing on a truly decentralized architecture. He received an Ethereum foundation grant in 2018 to study security features of oracles and their potential uses in scaling and financial products. He then used this knowledge to build Tellor, a crypto economically secured, censorship-resistant focused oracle.

Current Projects

Tellor, CTO

Previous Projects

Daxia, CEO, 2017-2018 US CFTC, Research, 2015-2017 US BLS, Economist, 2011-2015

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