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Nate Whitehill, a technology entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience developing web applications, plunged into digital assets upon discovering Bitcoin in 2015. This pivotal moment reshaped his trajectory, leading him to channel his expertise and innovative thinking into creating CryptoSlate in 2017.

The goal with CryptoSlate is simple: by merging the quantitative and qualitative features of crypto, he and his co-founder Matthew Blancarte created a more contextualized crypto news, data, and insights platform.

Within a few months of launch, CryptoSlate became a significant player in the digital assets industry, providing comprehensive news, data, and profiles of prominent figures, groundbreaking products, and influential companies. Under Nate’s leadership as CEO, the platform has evolved into a beacon for over a million active users every month, navigating the intricate world of digital assets.

By 2018, Nate’s understanding and impact in the crypto world expanded beyond his platform, with his presence becoming a mainstay at various cryptocurrency conferences. His insightful discourses have positioned him as a frequent speaker and strengthened his network within the industry.

Seven years into his journey in the crypto sphere, Nate’s connections are vast, spanning collaborations with high-profile companies such as Coinbase, Binance, BTSE and Sora Ventures. His partnerships are a testament to his commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the ever-evolving digital assets landscape.

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  • CCO & Co-Founder 2010-2013

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