Mark Rydon

Co-founder & CEO at Aethir

Mark Rydon Bio

Mark Rydon is the cofounder and CEO of Aethir, a company that specializes in decentralized cloud infrastructure for the gaming and AI industries. Prior to founding Aethir, Rydon had a background in civil engineering, working for Bechtel Corporation in various roles related to marine construction and environmental coordination. In addition to his work at Aethir, Rydon has also been involved in founding rugby clubs in Beijing and Shenzhen, demonstrating his diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit.

Achievements and Expertise

As the CEO of Aethir, Rydon is leading the company’s efforts to democratize access to powerful hardware and enable gaming and AI companies to cater to billions of users globally, even in developing regions. Rydon’s expertise in decentralized cloud technology and his vision for a more equitable technological landscape have been instrumental in Aethir’s growth and success.

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Mark Rydon Education

  • The University of Queensland, Bachelor of Business Managment, International Business,
  • The University of Queensland, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science/Geology,

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