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Co-founder & Former CEO at Terraform Labs

Do Kwon Bio

Do Kwon began his professional journey as an engineer, contributing to tech giants Apple and Microsoft. This experience came after his graduation from Stanford, laying the foundation for his later ventures in the technology sector.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In 2016, Kwon ventured into the entrepreneurial world by establishing Anyfi, a peer-to-peer communications platform leveraging mesh network technology. His role as CEO of Anyfi marked his first major step into business leadership, a position he held until 2017.

Terraform Labs and the Birth of Luna and TerraUSD

In 2018, Kwon, along with Daniel Shin, co-founded Terraform Labs, a blockchain technology company based in Singapore. Terraform Labs was primarily focused on creating a decentralized, price-stable cryptocurrency. The organization is known for being the parent company of the cryptocurrencies Luna and TerraUSD.

Legal Challenges and Arrest

In a dramatic turn of events, Kwon faced significant legal challenges in 2023. On March 23 of that year, he was detained in Montenegro while attempting to travel to Dubai using forged documents. Subsequent to his arrest, a US federal grand jury indicted him on multiple counts, including securities fraud, commodities fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy, marking a significant shift in his career trajectory.

Do Kwon’s journey from a tech engineer to the co-founder of Terraform Labs, followed by his legal challenges, encapsulates a complex and multifaceted career in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Do Kwon News

Do Kwon Current Work

Do Kwon Previous Work

  • Anyfi, Inc. Founder & CEO Jan 2016 - Oct 2017

Do Kwon Education

  • Stanford University, BS Computer Science, 2010-2015

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