Chris Larsen

Executive Chairman at Ripple

Chris Larsen Bio

Chris Larsen stands as the Executive Chairman of Ripple’s board of directors, bringing a wealth of experience from his extensive career in financial technology. His role at Ripple, a leading player in blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, caps a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures in the fintech sector.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Before his tenure at Ripple, Larsen made significant strides in the fintech world through his co-founding roles and leadership positions. He served as CEO of Prosper, a groundbreaking peer-to-peer lending marketplace that transformed the way people borrow and invest money. His innovative approach at Prosper set new standards in the lending industry.

Pioneering Online Lending with E-LOAN

Larsen’s most notable contribution came during his time at E-LOAN, an online lender he co-founded, which went public under his leadership. At E-LOAN, he championed consumer rights in the financial realm, most notably by initiating the open access to credit scores movement. This pioneering decision made E-LOAN the first company to offer consumers access to their FICO scores, a significant step towards financial transparency and empowerment for consumers.

Legacy in Financial Technology

Chris Larsen’s career is marked by a series of innovative ventures, each contributing significantly to the evolution of the fintech industry. His leadership at Ripple continues to shape the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency, reinforcing his status as a key influencer in the world of financial technology.


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Chris Larsen Education

  • San Francisco State University, B.A.Sc. Accounting & Finance, 1982-1984
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA, 1989-1991

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