Danny Yang

Founder and CEO at Metagood

Danny Yang Bio

Danny Yang is the CEO of the NFT company Metagood and the creator of OnChainMonkey. OnChainMonkey is the first 10k on-chain profile picture (PFP) collection created in a single transaction on Ethereum on September 2021 (โ€œ2021-9โ€), and the first 10k collection inscribed on Bitcoin (Ordinal 20219, matching the original year and month of creation).

Danny Yang founded the Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in 2013, founded MaiCoin, Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, and founded Blockseer, one of the first blockchain analytics companies, whose customers included the FBI, US Secret Service, and DHS. Stanford PhD in Computer Science, Harvard Chemistry and Physics.

Source: LinkedIn

Danny Yang News

Danny Yang Current Work

  • Metagood Founder and CEO
  • OnChainMonkey Creator

Danny Yang Previous Work

  • PolicyDock Co-Founder Mar 2020 - Apr 2021
  • Blockseer Founder Aug 2015 - Mar 2020

Danny Yang Education

  • Stanford University, PhD and MS, Computer Science, 1998 - 2005
  • Harvard University, BA, Chemistry and Physics , 1994 - 1998

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