David Marcus

Co-Creator at Libra

David Marcus Bio

David Marcus is the Head of Messaging Products at Facebook. David is the co-creator of the Libra cryptocurrency and Head of Calibra.

David was President of PayPal from April 2012 to July 2014, where he has overall responsibility for establishing PayPal as the leading global payment service and helping to drive the future of money around the world. A mobile payments entrepreneur and product innovator, David brings a wealth of experience creating products that engage and delight customers – both businesses and consumers alike. Most recently, David was PayPal’s vice president of mobile, where he led the company’s mobile business and product strategy, including the development and launch of PayPal Here.

David has more than 15 years of mobile and telecommunications experience worldwide and has a proven track record of starting and leading successful businesses. He joined PayPal in the company’s acquisition of Zong, a leading provider of payments through mobile carrier billing. Under David’s leadership as founder and CEO, Zong developed relationships with more than 250 carriers and more than 1,000 online merchants.

A native of France, David grew up in Paris and Geneva. At 23, he started his first company, GTN, which became one of the top three alternative carriers in Switzerland and was acquired by World Access in 2000. David first began learning how to become a technology entrepreneur at age 8, when he taught himself how to code on a PC.

Source: Crunchbase

David Marcus Current Work

David Marcus Previous Work

  • Tipping Point Community Member Board of Directors 2017-2019
  • Coinbase Member Board of Directors 2017-2018
  • PayPal President 2012-2014
  • Zong Founder and CEO 2008-2011
  • echo6 Chairman 2006-2008
  • GTN Telecom Founder, Chairman & CEO 1996-2000

David Marcus Education

  • University of Geneva, Economics, 1992-1994

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