Adam Back

CEO & Co-Founder at Blockstream

Adam Back Bio

Adam Back currently holds the position of CEO at Blockstream, a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to advancing bitcoin and blockchain technology. Under his leadership, Blockstream plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development and enhancement of these transformative technologies.

Contributions to Bitcoin Core

Blockstream, under Back’s guidance, is a significant contributor to the development of Bitcoin Core, the primary network client software for bitcoin. The company is noted for employing a substantial number of Bitcoin Core’s leading developers, reflecting its deep commitment to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

A Trailblazer in Cryptography

Back’s involvement in e-cash protocols dates back to 1995, establishing him as a seasoned applied cryptographer. He is the inventor of hashcash proof-of-work and decentralized mining, fundamental components used in bitcoin’s architecture. His contributions extend to implementing credlib and consulting on e-cash technologies for major entities like Nokia and Credentica, which was later acquired by Microsoft.

Zero-Knowledge Systems and Beyond

Back’s expertise as an architect and cryptographer was instrumental at Zero-Knowledge Systems, where he worked on the Freedom network, a forerunner to the Tor network. His consulting roles have spanned various leading security companies, including oneID, VMware, and QWcap, showcasing his versatility and breadth of knowledge in the field.

Entrepreneurial Achievements

Co-founding Picorp, which was later acquired by EMC, marked another milestone in Back’s career. He served as the Chief Security Officer of EMC’s consumer division, Decho, bringing his extensive experience to the fore in this role.

Academic Foundations

Back’s profound understanding of distributed systems and computer science is underpinned by his academic background, holding a Ph.D. from the University of Exeter. His academic expertise complements his practical experience, making him a prominent figure in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains.

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Adam Back Previous Work

  • EMC Chief Info Sec Officer
  • PI Corporation Security Architect & Co-Founder

Adam Back Education

  • University of Exeter, Ph.D., Computer Science, 1992-1995

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