Joey Krug

Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital

Joey Krug Bio

Joey Krug’s journey in the world of technology began in his middle school years when he started programming in Applesoft BASIC. His interest in technology was sparked by a gift from his father – an Apple II GS, bought on eBay. This early exposure to programming laid the foundation for his future career.

Educational Background and Professional Milestones

Krug pursued Computer Science in college, driven by his enthusiasm for transforming ideas into tangible code. He joined Pantera Capital, a leading blockchain-focused investment firm, in 2017, where he now serves as co-CIO. Krug’s role at Pantera Capital underscores his expertise and significant influence in the blockchain investment landscape.

Contributions to Blockchain Development

As a co-founder of the Forecast Foundation, Joey Krug plays a pivotal role in the advancement of Augur, a decentralized oracle and prediction market protocol, and Beam, a cryptocurrency inspired by traditional currencies. His earlier projects include developing a sound-based Point-of-Sale payment system, showcasing his innovative spirit and diverse technical skills.

Engagements Beyond Blockchain

Krug’s interests and contributions extend beyond the blockchain sphere. He co-founded a top-ranked AngelList Syndicate, a platform that highlights his keen interest in startup investments and venture capital. His recognition as a Thiel Fellow and an Edmund Hillary Fellow further cements his status as a leading figure in the tech world.

Personal Pursuits and Community Involvement

In his personal time, Joey Krug is an avid reader and contributor to Pyethereum, staying actively involved in the programming community. His commitment to social causes is evident through his participation in the Founders Pledge, a global community of entrepreneurs committed to giving and social betterment. Krug’s multifaceted contributions to both technology and society paint a picture of a dynamic and dedicated professional.


Joey Krug News

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Joey Krug Current Work

Joey Krug Previous Work

  • Augment Partners Founding Board Member 2016-2018
  • MariPoS Founder 2014
  • Dark Paradise Studios Game Developer 2014

Joey Krug Education

  • Pomona College, Computer Science, 2013-2014

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