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CEO & Founder Adgetec
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Who is Mark Mueller-Eberstein?

Mark Mueller-Eberstein is one of the world’s leading experts on how businesses can leverage key technology trends, transform organizations and drive a competitive advantage. He is an internationally renowned business leader, entrepreneur, investor, consultant, best-selling author, and teaches at Rutgers University’s Business School.

Mark is a member of e.g. the Washington IoT Council,  and advises with the Shenzhen (China) based Qianhai Institute for Innovation Research (QIIR) the APEC organization. He delivers guest lectures at e.g. Seattle University and is an advisor and board member to selected companies, investment funds and initiatives.

Mark is the founder and is leading the Adgetec Corporation’s consulting business since 2010.

Discovering, understanding and explaining future trends of technology and communication technologies and what they mean for business, are the key focus areas of Mark and Adgetec. Mark predicted social media, communication technologies, and cloud computing as a key ICT capability enabler for businesses and resulting transformation for the IT industry and professions. Mark is now also actively invested in organizations focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain technology and crowdfunding. Current research leads into innovation acceleration through removing inefficiencies (e.g. around financial transactions).


Mark Mueller-Eberstein Current Work

  • Adgetec, CEO & Founder
  • Bloccelerate, Advisor and Investor
  • CoinStats, Chair of the Advisor Board
  • Alliance of Angels, Member
  • REDDS Venture Investment Partners, Advisor
  • Qianhai Institutie for Innovative Research, Senior Research Fellow
  • Washington IoT Council, Council Member

Mark Mueller-Eberstein Education

  • Technische Universität Berlin, Business Administration, 1991-1997
  • The Philipp University of Marburg, Business Administration, 1990-1991

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