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CEO & Founder at Adgetec

Mark Mueller-Eberstein Bio

Mark Mueller-Eberstein stands as a preeminent figure in guiding businesses through the nuances of key technological trends to secure a competitive edge. As an acclaimed business magnate, investor, consultant, and best-selling author, his insights have been invaluable to countless organizations seeking to harness the power of emerging technologies.

Academic and Professional Engagements

In addition to his hands-on business experience, Mueller-Eberstein imparts knowledge at Rutgers University’s Business School. He’s been invited to deliver guest lectures at institutions like Seattle University and offers his expertise to a select group of companies, investment funds, and initiatives as an advisor and board member.

Associations and Collaborations

His memberships in esteemed bodies, such as the Washington IoT Council, underscore his commitment to technological advancements. He also collaborates with international organizations like the Shenzhen-based Qianhai Institute for Innovation Research (QIIR), offering advisory services to the APEC organization.

Adgetec Corporation and Beyond

Since 2010, Mueller-Eberstein has spearheaded the consulting operations of Adgetec Corporation. Under his guidance, Adgetec emphasizes the significance of understanding and predicting the trajectory of tech trends, especially in the realms of communication technologies. Notably, Mark was among the early voices highlighting the potential of social media, cloud computing, and communication tech as transformative forces for businesses.

His present ventures extend into the vibrant sectors of the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology, along with a keen interest in crowdfunding. A pivotal aspect of his ongoing research delves into how innovations can be expedited by eradicating inefficiencies, particularly in the financial transaction space.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Mark Mueller-Eberstein’s vision and expertise continue to be a beacon for businesses navigating their way to a digitally optimized future.


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  • Technische Universitรคt Berlin, Business Administration, 1991-1997
  • The Philipp University of Marburg, Business Administration, 1990-1991

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