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Co-Host at Max & Stacy Report

Max Keiser Bio

Prominent figure in the cryptocurrency world, Max Keiser, is a venture capitalist at Heisenberg Capital and co-host of the popular Max & Stacy Report. With a rich background in finance, banking, options trading, and financial technology, Keiser has made significant contributions to the crypto and financial sectors.

Innovative Technology Patent

Max Keiser holds a notable achievement in the form of a US patent for his groundbreaking virtual specialist technology, designed for trading virtual securities and currencies. This innovation served as the foundation for (Hollywood Stock Exchange) and marked the inception of both virtual currency trading and commercial prediction markets. Keiser’s pioneering work has had a lasting impact on the evolution of financial technology.

Early Advocate of Bitcoin

As the co-founder of Heisenberg Capital, Max Keiser played a pivotal role as an early investor in Bitcoin and various Bitcoin-related startups. His vision and support contributed to the growth and development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Global Speaker on Cryptocurrency

Max Keiser is a sought-after speaker at international conferences, where he shares his insights and expertise in the world of cryptocurrency. Notably, he was a prominent participant in the first-ever Bitcoin conference held in Prague in 2011, solidifying his position as a respected voice in the crypto community.

Max Keiser’s extensive experience, innovative contributions, and early involvement in the crypto space make him a notable figure in the world of cryptocurrencies and financial technology. His insights continue to shape the industry’s landscape and drive forward its development.


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Max Keiser Current Work

  • Max & Stacy Report Co-Host
  • Heisenberg Capital Limited Co-Founder
  • Bitcoin Capital Co-Founder
  • El Zonte Capital Co-Founder

Max Keiser Education

  • New York University, BA, 1979-1983

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