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Meet Gibraltar Blockchain Entrepreneur Thomas Johnson and Digital Asset Management [INTERVIEW]

As the infrastructure of a fresh market materializes on the global stage, the ins-and-outs of institutional-grade finance seem to have become nothing short of table-talk. Digging further, CryptoSlate interviewed Thomas Johnson, the co-founder of Gibraltar-based Digital Asset Management (DAM)....

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Binance Co-Founder on Launching Fiat Exchange, Confident in Crypto Market Trend [INTERVIEW]

Yi He, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Binance, spoke to CryptoSlate in an exclusive interview on how the exchange decided to launch a fiat-enabled trading platform in Singapore, discussed the country’s regulatory frameworks around crypto, and the...

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How LifeID Will Introduce Self-Sovereign Identity to the Globe [INTERVIEW]

Since the internet’s inception, users have given away personal information to websites without realizing that it could be kept in centralized storage and monetized without their consent. Democratizing Identity Layer Solutions Seattle-based LifeID is aiming to disrupt online identity...

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WorkCoin Aims to Disrupt Global Job Market Through Decentralized Freelancer Network [INTERVIEW]

Taking advantage of blockchain solutions, WorkCoin is a decentralized freelancer marketplace that aims to be fully transparent and frictionless. Fred Krueger, CEO and founder, shared his outlook on the global impact of WorkCoin and the shifting cryptocurrency landscape. This...

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Securrency Pushing For Global Security Token Adoption [INTERVIEW]

With increasing regulatory scrutiny, cryptocurrency exchanges are preparing for the proliferation of security tokens, and fintech startup Securrency is ahead of the curve in issuing them. John Hensel, COO and co-founder, shared his perspective on the shifting cryptocurrency landscape...

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