Cameron Winklevoss

President & Co-Founder at Gemini

Cameron Winklevoss Bio

Cameron Winklevoss, a renowned figure in the cryptocurrency sector, is a Harvard University graduate with a degree in Economics and holds an MBA from Oxford University. Showcasing his athletic talent, Winklevoss was part of the U.S. rowing team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, achieving a notable 6th place.

Pioneering Role in Technology and Investments

Since 2003, Cameron Winklevoss has carved out a niche as an angel investor and entrepreneur, focusing on the burgeoning field of emerging technologies. His strategic investments and entrepreneurial ventures have made him a key influencer in the tech industry.

Journey into the World of Bitcoin

Winklevoss’s engagement with the Bitcoin economy started in 2012, marked by his direct investments, reflecting his early confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Leadership at Gemini and Contribution to Bitcoin

As the Co-founder and President of Gemini, a cutting-edge Bitcoin exchange, Cameron Winklevoss plays a pivotal role in driving innovation in the cryptocurrency exchange market. Alongside his twin brother Tyler, he is deeply involved in the development of the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, a proposed bitcoin ETF. They have also launched the WinkDex, a bitcoin price index, aimed at providing a reliable pricing mechanism for the ETF. This endeavor is part of their ongoing efforts to bring regulatory approval and mainstream acceptance to Bitcoin investments.


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Cameron Winklevoss Current Work

Cameron Winklevoss Previous Work

  • USRowing Olympian 2006-2011
  • Co-Founder 2002-2008

Cameron Winklevoss Education

  • University of Oxford, MBA, 2009-2010
  • Harvard University, Bachelor's Degree, Economics, 200-2004

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