Viktor Radchenko

Founder at Trust Wallet

Viktor Radchenko Bio

Viktor Radchenko is recognized as the entrepreneurial force behind Trust Wallet, a leading multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet that achieved significant acclaim for its features and user-friendliness. Radchenko’s leadership as founder and CEO steered Trust Wallet toward a notable acquisition by Binance in July 2018, marking a significant milestone in the wallet’s journey under his guidance.

Journey to the American Dream

Emigrating from Ukraine in 2011, Radchenko arrived in the United States with a vision to make a global impact and foster positive change. His pursuit of the American dream has been rooted in innovation and the transformative power of technology.

Early Career and Tech Ventures

Before diving into the world of cryptocurrency, Radchenko was an integral part of the team at Symphony, where he contributed to the development of secure, cloud-based communications. His entrepreneurial spirit previously led him to co-found Trucker Path, a logistics company providing essential navigational assistance and freight matching services to the trucking industry. This venture showcased his ability to innovate and address niche market needs effectively.

Through his successful ventures and the substantial growth of Trust Wallet, Viktor Radchenko has cemented his reputation as a visionary in the technology and cryptocurrency sectors.

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  • Trucker Path Co-Founder / CTO 2012-2014

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