Marina Atarova

Co-Founder at Cryptomondays Lisbon

Marina Atarova Bio

Marina Atarova has dedicated nearly a decade to fueling technological innovation and fostering burgeoning communities. With a background as both a founder and advisor, Atarova’s expertise spans early-stage tech investment, running accelerators, and community engagement. As the concept of Web3 gains prominence, she has actively pivoted her focus toward this decentralized and blockchain-enabled frontier.

Venture Capital Accomplishments

In the realm of venture capital, Atarova has had an impact on several investment ventures, showcasing her versatility and keen eye for innovation:

  • Hoxtech Angels
  • KX Technology Fund
  • Force over Mass Capital
  • London Fashion Fund

Accelerator Leadership

Known for her dynamic leadership in accelerators, Atarova has contributed to various programs, guiding startups to success:

  • JustEAT Food Tech Accelerator
  • London College of Fashion Accelerator (CFE – Centre for Fashion Enterprise)
  • Farfetch Dream Assembly
  • Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
  • Newmoon WEB3 Accelerator

Community Engagement

Community building remains a cornerstone of Atarova’s multifaceted career. Her notable community initiatives include:

  • Dreamstake: Orchestrated and managed a community of 20,000 startups, investors, and innovators in London. Also led a mentorship program with over 100 sessions, partnering with entities like Google.
  • Fashhack: Built and led a fashion innovation community comprised of 7,000 startups, investors, and retailers. Secured sponsorships from various industry giants, including Farfetch and TrueFit.
  • CryptoMondays Lisbon: Co-created the Lisbon chapter for this global Web3-focused community. The chapter aims to enhance engagement and education around Web3 and blockchain technologies.

Marina Atarova’s career is a testament to the transformative potential of technology, from startup incubation to venture capital and beyond. Her ongoing journey reveals her as a driving force in both traditional tech spheres and the emerging world of Web3.

Marina Atarova Current Work

  • Cryptomondays Lisbon Co-Founder
  • Web3 Podcast
  • Newmoon Accelerator Advisor
  • London Fashion Fund Advisory Board Member

Marina Atarova Previous Work

  • Newmoon Accelerator Managing Partner Feb 2022 - Feb 2023
  • #FASHHACK Founder Mar 2018 - Mar 2023
  • Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) Accelerator Mentor Oct 2020 - Sep 2021
  • Dream Assembly Farfetch Lead Mentor Aug 2019 - Aug 2020
  • Farfetch Dream Assembly Accelerator Manager Jul 2018 - Aug 2020
  • Centre for Fashion Enterprise Mentor, Investor Relations Manager Nov 2017 - Apr 2019

Marina Atarova Education

  • Freie Universität Berlin,
  • Technische Universität Dresden,

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