People Influencers

Men and women driving conversations and shaping public opinion online.

Adam Levy

Founder & Host at Mint Podcast

Alexander Fazel

Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg

Andreas Antonopoulos

Author at Mastering Bitcoin

Anthony Pompliano

Co-Founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets

Ben Armstrong

Founder at BitBoy Crypto

Charlie Shrem

Founder at CryptoIQ

Clinton Donnelly

CEO & Founder at CryptoTaxAudit

Craig Cobb

Managing Director at Trader Cobb

Guy Turner

Co-Founder and Content Creator at Coin Bureau

Ivan Liljeqvist

Host at Ivan On Tech

Jacob Canfield

Marketing Consulant at

Jake Claver

Director at Digital Ascension Group

John McAfee

CEO at Team McAfee

Justin Wu

Founder at CoinState

Kevin O’Leary

Chairman at O'Shares Investments

Koroush Khaneghah

Author at Market Meditations

Lark Davis

Founder at Wealth Mastery

Laura Shin

Host at Unchained Podcast

Marina Atarova

Co-Founder at Cryptomondays Lisbon

Mike Winkelmann

Digital Artist at Beeple

Natalie Brunell

Anchor, Managing Editor for Hard Money Show at Swan Bitcoin

Neeraj K. Agrawal

Director of Communications at Coin Center

Nicholas Merten

Founder at Digifox

Nigel Farage

Host at GB News

Peter McCormack

Host at What Bitcoin Did

Peter Schiff

Chief Economist & Global Strategist at Europac

Pierre Rochard

Founder at Bitcoin Advisory

Preston Pysh

Show Host & Co-Founder at The Investor's Podcast

Ran Neuner

Host at CryptoBanter

Rob Wolff

Founder and Host at Digital Asset News

Robert Beadles

President at Monarch

Sarah Gottwald

Managing Director at Blockchain Founders Group

Snoop Dogg

NFT Influencer at

Spencer Dinwiddie

Professional Athlete at Dallas Mavericks

Tom Busby

Co-Founder at CryptoBusy

Tone Vays

Content Creator at

Tony Dhanjal

Head of Tax at Koinly

Udi Wertheimer

Co-Host at Reckless Review

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