Hugo Feiler

Co-founder and CEO at Minima

Hugo Feiler Bio

Hugo Feiler, a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background spanning multiple industries, is the driving force behind Minima, a groundbreaking blockchain project that is reshaping the digital landscape. With over two decades of experience in communications, technology, automotive, and telecoms sectors, Hugo’s journey into blockchain technology began over a decade ago when he recognized its transformative potential. In 2019, he co-founded Minima, positioning it as the world’s first completely decentralized and device-agnostic Layer-1 blockchain for DePIN projects.

Entrepreneurial Background and Leadership

Before venturing into the blockchain industry, Hugo held key roles such as Co-Founder of Alpha Century, Managing Director of Grey London, and General Manager at Sony Europe. His diverse experience equipped him with the skills needed to drive traditional web2 companies to success while also fostering a deep understanding of blockchain technology. This unique blend of expertise positions Hugo as a visionary leader who can bridge the gap between complex ideas and practical implementation in the digital realm.

Minima: Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology

Minima stands out as a real-world blockchain solution, focusing on everyday applications through device-led infrastructure. As a unique Layer-1 blockchain, Minima’s lightweight architecture allows full nodes to operate on mobile and IoT devices, making it highly adaptable for scaling decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN). With a rapidly growing community of over 100,000 node operators, Minima showcases its commitment to empowering users and developers to innovate and secure digital solutions in a decentralized environment.

Shaping the Future of Blockchain

Hugo Feiler envisions a future where blockchain seamlessly integrates into our digital landscape, becoming a mainstream utility rather than a niche technology. He believes that discussions around blockchain should shift towards its practical utility, and DePIN projects are leading the way in this transformation. Minima’s compact, quantum-resistant blockchain, secured by every user on the network, exemplifies the project’s dedication to innovation and decentralization.In conclusion, Hugo Feiler’s leadership at Minima exemplifies the transformative power of blockchain technology in revolutionizing industries. By simplifying complex ideas and fostering practical applications, he is driving the adoption of blockchain technology towards mainstream acceptance. 

Hugo Feiler News

Hugo Feiler Current Work

Hugo Feiler Previous Work

  • Alpha Century Co-Founder / CEO May 2013 - Oct 2010
  • Seedcamp Mentor Feb 2016 - Feb 2019
  • GREY London Managing Director Dec 2009 - Nov 2012
  • GREY London Managing Partner Jan 2008 - Dec 2009
  • Sony Electronics General Manager - Marketing Communications Sep 2006 - Dec 2007

Hugo Feiler Education

  • University of Cambridge,

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