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Daniel Larimer is a software programmer and cryptocurrency entrepreneur. Larimer created the cryptocurrency platform BitShares, co-founded the blockchain Steem, and is currently CTO of Block.one, a company involved with the development of EOS.


In 2013, Larimer created BitShares. BitShares were originally named ProtoShares and intended to function as shares of virtual companies. It has since been described as a cryptocurrency platform, a digital currency, or a digital exchange. It’s organized as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).


In 2016, Larimer left BitShares to co-found the blockchain Steem and the application Steemit, a social network which uses blockchain technology to reward users for their content, on top of it. After co-founding Steemit together with Ned Scott, Larimer was CTO of the platform until March 14, 2017.


On 26 June 2017, Larimer announced the one-year token sale distribution for EOS.IO.

Educational endeavors

On 29 November 2018, Larimer delivered a seminar about blockchain to discuss the blockchain technology in Virginia Techโ€™s College. He also advised the university about curricular development because Block.one initiated $3 million commitment to the Department of Computer Science in Virginia Techโ€™s College for blockchain learning development.

In January 2019, Larimer attended a blockchain boot camp at Virginia Tech’s Blacksburg campus. The event is held by Virginia Tech and Block.one to help students understand the latest EOSIO Blockchain technology.

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  • Virginia Tech, Computer Science, 2000-2003

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