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CEO & Co-Founder at Stably

Kory Hoang Bio

Kory Hoang is the founder of Stably, a leading cryptocurrency company. With a background in private equity analysis and extensive experience as a quant consultant, Kory brings a wealth of knowledge to the world of cryptocurrencies and financial markets.

Private Equity Data Analyst at PitchBook

Before establishing Stably, Kory served as a Private Equity Data Analyst at PitchBook in Seattle. During this time, he honed his analytical skills and gained valuable insights into the private equity industry.

Quantitative Expertise

Kory is recognized as a quant expert, having provided consulting services to money managers, hedge funds, and CTAs (Commodity Trading Advisors). His expertise spans a wide range of subjects, including VIX derivatives, cryptocurrencies, and algorithmic trading. Kory’s quantitative insights have contributed to informed decision-making within the financial sector.


Kory Hoang holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a double major in Finance and Marketing from the University of Washington – Bothell. His academic background has provided him with a strong foundation in finance and marketing, which he applies to his work in the cryptocurrency industry.

Kory Hoang’s diverse background in finance, data analysis, and quantitative expertise positions him as a key figure in the cryptocurrency and financial markets. His dedication to innovation and financial analysis continues to drive Stably’s success in the industry.


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Kory Hoang Current Work

Kory Hoang Previous Work

  • PitchBook Data Private Equity Data Analyst 2017
  • Lehrer Financial Innovations, Inc. Research Analyst

Kory Hoang Education

  • University of Washington Bothell, BBA, Finance & Marketing, 2012-2015

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