Tuur Demeester

Founder at Adamant Capital

Tuur Demeester Bio

Tuur Demeester is a Belgian economist and investor. He has a distinctive approach to economics and investing, combining academic rigor, a focus on historical patterns, and a knack for exploring new territories and opportunities.


Demeester co-founded the Belgian Rothbard Institute in 2006, an academic and research-oriented think tank. He also co-founded and worked as a staff member at the independent Sudbury school ‘De Kampanje, School voor Persoonlijk Ondernemerschap’.

MacroTrends and Bitcoin Advocacy

In 2011, Demeester launched the investment newsletter MacroTrends, where he provided insights on macroeconomic trends. He recommended Bitcoin as an investment to his readers at $5 in 2012. MacroTrends ran until November 2013, when he passed it to a successor.

Adamant Capital

Demeester is the founder of Adamant Capital, a Bitcoin Alpha fund. His work at Adamant Capital reflects his out-of-the-box approach to investment, focusing on productive paranoia and academic rigor. He regularly speaks at Bitcoin conferences and consults for various startups and funds.

Publications and Influence

In 2011, Demeester’s paper “The Business Cycle: A Definition” was published in the Spanish academic journal ‘Procesos de Mercado’. This work emphasizes his belief that the science of economics is meaningless without a fundamental connection to morality and natural law.

Tuur Demeester’s innovative approach to economics and his early advocacy for Bitcoin have made him a notable figure in the financial and cryptocurrency sectors.

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Tuur Demeester News

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Tuur Demeester Current Work

  • Adamant Capital Founder

Tuur Demeester Previous Work

  • Adamant Research Editor in Chief 2005-2017
  • Editor 2011-2013
  • Editor 2010-2011

Tuur Demeester Education

  • Universiteit Gent, Various Classes, 2003-2006
  • Sint-Lodewijkcollege Brugge, Graduate, Science - Modern Languages, 1995-2001

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