Michael Rosmer

Co-Founder at DEFIYIELD App

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With diverse interests ranging from business topics such as: marketing, finance, leadership, investment, recruitment, strategy, and project management; to interests in technology such as: data/analytics, software development, user interface design, and cloud computing; and hobbies including: chess, squash, strategy board and computer games, ancient and medieval history, martial arts (Aikido, Kenjutsu, Senshido, etc.), magic, fantasy and science fiction, philosophy, monetary systems theory, world travel, diving, fine dining, public speaking, writing and more; it is difficult to offer a just summary of myself that fits within a conventional box.

My primary goals are currently centered around sharing what I’ve learned building companies and investing to help others grow their companies and their wealth predictably rather than by luck.

My professional life is grounded in international financial optimization, a field I refer to as residency arbitrage where we consult with businesses on how to gain greater financial efficiency, security, and flexibility by taking advantage of international differences in law, pricing, infrastructure, etc. Essentially bringing the advantages enjoyed by the world’s largest enterprise to entrepreneurs, small, and medium sized business.

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Michael Rosmer News

Michael Rosmer Current Work

  • DEFIYIELD App Co-Founder

Michael Rosmer Previous Work

  • Crowne Financial Strategists Head International Corporate Structuring 2013 - 2015
  • Aerotek Development Corp. Board Member/Advisor 2010 - 2013
  • Augesir CEO 2007 - 2013

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