Brendan Eich

Co-Founder & CEO at Brave Browser

Brendan Eich Bio

Brendan Eich is widely recognized as an influential American technologist, primarily known for creating the JavaScript programming language. His contribution to web development has been pivotal, with JavaScript becoming a foundational element of modern web applications.

Leadership at Mozilla

Eich played a crucial role in the formation of the Mozilla project, going on to co-found the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation. He held significant positions within the organization, including serving as the Chief Technical Officer and, for a brief period, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mozilla Corporation. His work at Mozilla has been instrumental in shaping today’s web experience.

Founding Brave Software

In a continued pursuit of innovation in Internet security, Eich founded Brave Software. This venture, which raised $2.5 million from angel investors in its early funding stages, focuses on developing solutions for safer and more private web browsing.

Launch of the Brave Browser

Under Eich’s guidance, Brave Software introduced the Brave web browser on January 20, 2016. This open-source browser is designed to enhance user privacy by blocking ads and trackers. It also features a unique micropayments system, giving users the option to either view selected ads or pay websites to avoid ad displays.

Development of Basic Attention Token (BAT)

As CEO of Brave Software, Eich also co-created the Basic Attention Token (BAT). This cryptocurrency, integrated into the Brave browser, aims to revolutionize digital advertising. BAT’s initial coin offering (ICO) on May 31, 2017, was a notable success, raising $35 million. The introduction of BAT highlights Eich’s commitment to enhancing the relationship between users, advertisers, and content creators through innovative technology.

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Brendan Eich News

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Brendan Eich Current Work

Brendan Eich Previous Work

  • Mozilla CEO 2014
  • Mozilla CTO and SVP Engineering 2013-2014
  • Mozilla CTO 2005-2013
  • Mozilla Chief Architect 2003-2005
  • Netscape Principal Engineer / Chief Architect 1995-2003
  • MicroUnity Software Engineer 1992-1995
  • Silicon Graphics Software Engineer 1985-1992

Brendan Eich Education

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, MS, Computer Science, 1983-1985
  • Santa Clara University, BS, Math/Computer Science, 1979-1983

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