People Executives

Adam White

COO at Bakkt

Adena Friedman

Chair and Chief Executive Officer at Nasdaq

Adrian Brink

Founder at Anoma Network

Adrian Stefanov

Chief Community Officer at Cozies

Ajit Tripathi

Banking and Payments Partnerships at Binance

Alan Chiu

Founder & CEO at Boba Network

Alan Lane

CEO at Silvergate

Alejandro Regojo

Co-Creator at Bitcoin Gold

Alex Atallah

Co-Founder at OpenSea

Alex Graveley

CEO at MinionAI

Alex Shevchenko

Chief Executive Officer at Aurora

Alex Smirnov

Co-Founder and Project Lead at deBridge

Alex Tapscott

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager at Ninepoint Partners

Alexander Fazel

Chief Partnership Officer at SwissBorg

Alexander Höptner


Alexandre Dreyfus

CEO at

Alexey Pertsev

Developer at Tornado Cash

Alon Goren

Founding Partner at Draper Goren Holm

Alysa Xu

Chief Strategy Officer at OKX

Anastasija Plotnikova

CEO & Co-Founder at Fideum

Andrew Ivison

CEO at Nifty Football

Andy Cheung

Head of Operations at OKX

Andy Long

CEO at White Rock Management

Angela Tong

COO at CoinTime

Anndy Lian

Chief Digital Advisor at Mongolian Productivity Organization

Anthony Charlton

Co-Founder & CEO at Utopian Game Labs

Anthony Scaramucci

Founder & Managing Partner at SkyBridge Capital Management

Anton Ipatov

Founder at GM Crypto

Ari Meilich

Founder at Big Time

Ari Redbord

Head of Legal at TRM Labs

Ben Kurland


Beniamin Mincu

Founder & CEO at MultiversX

Bob Bodily

Co-founder & CEO at Bioniq

Brad Garlinghouse

CEO at Ripple

Brent Xu

Founder and CEO at Umee

Brett Harrison

Former President of FTX.US at FTX

Brian Fu

Co-Founder & Co-Project Lead at zkLend

Brian Norton

Chief Operations Officer at MyEtherWallet

Burak Aydın

General Manager at SabancıDx

Caroline Ellison

CEO and Senior Trader at Alameda Research

Carylyne Chan

Interim CEO & Chief Strategy Officer at CoinMarketCap

Catherine Coley

Former CEO at Binance.US

Cathie Wood

Founder, CEO & CIO at Ark Invest

Chamath Palihapitiya

Founder at Social Capital

Chandra Duggirala

CEO & Co-founder at Portal

Charles Guillemet

CTO at Ledger

Chris Amani

Chief Executive Officer at Terraform Labs

Christina Beltramini

Head of Growth at Lens Protocol

Christine Lagarde

President at European Central Bank

Christopher Eveden

EVP Investor Relations and Corporate Development at Ryff

Constantine Zaitcev


Cory Klippsten

CEO at Swan Bitcoin

Craig Sellars

Founder and Advisor at Tether

Cynthia Huang

Growth Lead at Dtravel

Dan Held

Growth Lead at Kraken

Dan Yanev

CPO & Co-founder at

Daniel Batten

Venture Capitalist at Climate Tech VC

Danny Masters

Chairman at CoinShares

Danny Talwar

Head of Tax at Koinly

Danny Yang

Founder and CEO at Metagood

Daryl Hok

EVP & COO at CertiK

Dave Ripley

CEO at Kraken

David Chapman

Principal at Silvermine Capital Resources,LLC

David Lopez-Kurtz

Attorney at Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

David Zacks

Chief Compliance Officer at bitFlyer USA

Davide Menegaldo

Chief Commercial Officer at Neon EVM

Denelle Dixon

CEO and Executive Director at Stellar Development Foundation

Devin Finzer

Co-Founder and CEO at OpenSea

Do Kwon

Co-founder & Former CEO at Terraform Labs

Dominik Skrobacz

CEO at Chain4Energy

Elliot Johnson

Chief Investment Officer & Chief Operating Officer at Evolve ETFs

Elnaz Sarraf

Founder & CEO at ROYBI Robot

Elon Musk

CEO at Tesla

Emmett Shear

Visiting Group Partner at Y Combinator

Erick Pinos

Ecosystem Lead, Americas at Ontology

Erika Wykes Sneyd

Global Vice President & General Manager at Adidas

Esteban Ordano

Advisor at Decentraland

Ethan Buchman

Co-Founder at Cosmos

Evgeny Gaevoy

Founder and CEO at Wintermute

Fabian Riewe

CEO and Co-Founder at KYVE Network

Faruk Fatih Özer

Founder & CEO at Thodex

Felix Xu

Co-Founder & CEO at ARPA

Filippo Chisari

General Partner at AgileGTM Web3 Accelerator

Florian Munoz

Web3 Senior Product Manager at Neon Labs

Fred Thiel

Chairman and CEO at Marathon Digital

Frederik Gregaard

CEO at Cardano Foundation

Garry Krugljakow

Founder at GOGOcoin

George Bachiashvili

Founder and CEO at Mission Gate

George Connolly

President at OneLedger Technology

Giovanni Santostasi

CEO and Director of Research at Quantonomy

Griffin Anderson

Head of Product - Archway Protocol at Ignite

Guv Kang

Founder & Investor at Bricktrade

Guy Zyskind

Founder at Secret

Hayden Adams

Creator and CEO at Uniswap

Henry Duckworth

CEO and Co-founder at AgriDex

Henry Liu


Henry Wyatt

Founder & CEO at HLWGroup

Hobeng Lim

Managing Director APAC at BitGo

Hugo Feiler

Co-founder and CEO at Minima

Hunter Horsley

Co-founder, CEO at Bitwise

Jack Mallers

CEO & Founder at Strike (Zap Solutions, Inc)

Jae Kwon

Founder at Tendermint

Jake Claver

Director at Digital Ascension Group

Jakub Wojciechowski

CEO and Founder at RedStone

James Davies

Co-Founder & CPO at Crypto Valley Exchange

James Roy Poulter

CEO, Founder at Consequence

Jamie Dimon

Chairman and CEO at JPMorgan

Jamie Elkaleh

Regional Growth & Country Manager at Bitget

Jane Ma

Co-Founder & Co-Project Lead at zkLend

Jared Grey

Head Chef - CEO at SushiSwap

Jason Ma

Director of Business Development at Axelar Network

Jay Cassano

CEO at Cointelegraph

Jay Hao


Jean-Marie Mognetti

Co-Founder & CEO at CoinShares

Jeff Mei


Jeffrey Park

Portfolio Manager, Head of Alpha Strategies at Bitwise

Jesse Shrader

CEO and Co-founder at Amboss Technologies

Joe Bowman

CEO and Co-founder at Ingenuity (Quicksilver Protocol)

Joe Vezzani

CEO & Co-Founder at LunarCrush

Joel Edgerton

COO at bitFlyer USA

John deVadoss

CEO & Co-Founder at NeuralFabric Corp

John J. Ray III

Chief Restructuring Officer and CEO at FTX

Johnny Lyu

CEO at KuCoin

Jon Karas

President & Co-Founder at Akoin

Jonathan Schemoul

Founder at

Joonatan Lintala

CEO & Co-founder at Phaver

Josef Holm

Founding Partner at Draper Goren Holm

Ken Timsit

Head / Managing Director at Cronos

Kevin O’Leary

Chairman at O'Shares Investments

Kevin Worth

CEO at CoinDesk

Kris Marszalek

CEO at

Kristy-Leigh Minehan

Technical Advisor at Valkyrie

Lamine Brahimi

Managing Partner, Co-founder at Taurus SA

Larry Fink

Chairman and CEO at BlackRock

Lauren Ingram

Founder at Women of Web3

Lee Bratcher

Founder and President at Texas Blockchain Council

Lennix Lai

Director of Financial Markets at OKX

Leslie Lamb


Lili Zhao

Director of Neo Global Development at Neo Foundation

Lior Yaffe

Co-Founder and Director at Jelurida

Lucas Huang

Head of Growth at Tokenlon

Lynn Liss

COO & Co-Founder at Akoin

Mance Harmon

Co-Founder and Former CEO at Hedera

Manel Sort

CEO & Co-Founder at Games for a Living (G4AL), Barcelona

Marcus Bengtsson

CMO at

Mariana Gospodinova

General Manager, Europe at

Mark Karpelès

CEO at Karpeles Lab Inc.

Mark Lamb

Co-founder and CEO at CoinFLEX

Mark Rydon

Co-founder & CEO at Aethir

Martin Koppelmann

CEO at Gnosis

Matej Korený

CMO at Core Decentralized Technologies

Matej Michalko

CEO & Founder at DECENT

Matěj Žák

CEO at Trezor

Matias Lapuschin

Web3 Marketing Director at SENSO

Matthew Gould

Founder & CEO at Unstoppable Domains

Maxi Kuan

CEO at GensoKishi Metaverse

Michael Egorov

Founder & CEO at Curve Finance

Michael Rosmer

Co-Founder at DEFIYIELD App

Michael Sonnenshein

CEO & Board Member at Grayscale Investments

Michela Silvestri

Business Development Manager - Institutional at Binance

Micree Zhan

Former CEO & Co-Founder at Bitmain

Miguel Pinho

CEO at

Mike Belshe

Co-founder and CEO at BitGo

Mike McCaffrey

Former CEO at The Block

Mira Murati

CTO at OpenAI

Mitchell Moos

CEO at Crypto Briefing

Moe Vela

CEO at MoeVela, LLC

Nate Chastain

Former Head of Product at OpenSea

Navin Vethanayagam

Chief Brain at IQ.Wiki

Navy Tse

Co-founder & CEO at Footprint Analytics

Neeraj Kashyap

CEO at

Nick Rose Ntertsas

Founder and CEO at Ethernity Chain

Nirmala Shome

Head of Community at The Fabricant

Ockert Loubser

Developer, Architect and CEO at Core Decentralized Technologies

Oleg Fomenko

Co-Founder at Sweat Economy

Omar Ghanem

Head of Gaming at Polkastarter Gaming

On Yavin

CEO at Cointelligence

Paolo Ardoino

CEO at Tether

Pascal Gauthier

Chairman & CEO at Ledger

Paul Barroso

CEO & Co-Founder at Atani

Paul Claudius

COO & Co-Founder at DIA

Paul Tudor Jones

Founder, Co-Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Tudor Investment Corporation

Pavel Bains

CEO at Bluezelle

Pavel Durov

CEO and Founder at Telegram

Peter Lyon

Co-Founder & CTO at VYBEZ Inc

Peter Schiff

Chief Economist & Global Strategist at Europac

Peter Smith

CEO & Co-founder at

Philip Salter

Head of Mining Operations at Genesis Mining

Rachel Conlan

Global Chief Marketing Officer at Binance

Ralf Kubli

Board Member at Casper Association

Raullen Chai

Co-Founder & CEO at MachineFi Lab

Ray Youssef

Former CEO at Paxful

Rebecca Liao

Co-founder & CEO at

Richard Teng

CEO at Binance

Robby Yung

CEO at Animoca Brands

Robert Leshner

Founder at Compound

Robert Wesley

Co-Founder at Me Protocol

Roberto Machado

Founder & CEO at Subvisual

Rodrigo Russell

Chief Revenue Officer at UTRUST

Roy Hui

Founder at LightLink

Roy Taylor

CEO at Ryff

Rupert Barksfield

Project Lead at Amulet Protocol

Russell Starr

Executive Chairman & CEO at Valour

Ryan Condron

CEO at Titan Mining

Ryan Salame

Former Co-CEO at FTX

Sam Altman

Co-Founder and CEO at OpenAI

Sam Bankman-Fried

Former CEO & Founder at FTX

Sam Trabucco

Former Co-CEO at Alameda Research

Samson Mow


Sanja Kon


Sara Hall

Partner at Walkers

Sarah Gottwald

Managing Director at Blockchain Founders Group

Sarah-Diane Eck

CEO and Founder at Lum Network

Satya Nadella

Chairman and CEO at Microsoft

Scott Green

Founder & CEO at

Sebastian Borget

Co-Founder and COO at The Sandbox

Shahaf Bar-Geffen


Shakil Khan

Co-Founder at Prima Materia

Shunsuke Murasaki

CEO of EMURGO Indonesia at EMURGO

Siddharth Lalwani

Chief Executive Officer at Skate (formerly Range Protocol)

Simon Dixon

CEO & Co-Founder at BnkToTheFuture

Staci Warden

Chief Executive Officer at Algorand Foundation

Stani Kulechov

Founder and CEO at Aave

Stephen Allen

Europe Lead & Core Contributor at CryptoOracle Collective

Steve Gregory

President at US

Steven Becker

President and COO at MakerDAO

Stuart Bullard

Executive Chairman at Fly Air, Inc.

Thomas Thornton

President at Hedge Fund Telemetry

Tristan Frizza

Founder at Zeta Markets

Trung Nguyen

Co-Founder & CEO at Axie Infinity

Veronica Wong

CEO at SafePal

Viacheslav Shebanov

Chief Technology Officer at dRPC

Vitomir Jevremović

Co-Founder & CEO at ALL.ART

W. Sean Ford

Interim CEO at Algorand Foundation

Wei Zhou

CEO at

Wes Levitt

Head of Strategy at Theta

Will Carter

Chief Technical Officer at xx network

Yan Ketelers

CMO at Polkastarter

Yaroslav Ivanov

Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) at ALTA

Yat Siu

Chairman of the Board & Co-founder at Animoca Brands

Zachary Williamson

Co-Founder & CEO at Aztec Protocol

Executive News