Adrian Brink

Founder at Anoma Network

Adrian Brink Bio

Adrian Brink is the CEO at Heliax, Co-Founder of the Anoma project, and a member of the Anoma Foundation Council.ย  Anoma Network is an intent-centric, privacy-preserving protocol for decentralized counterparty discovery, solving, and multi-chain atomic settlement.

Prior to Heliax, Adrian co-founded, scaled and eventually sold Cryptium Labs, an infrastructure operator that provided PoS validation from bunkers in the Swiss Alps, while simultaneously building Metastate, an R&D company that upgraded layer-1 protocols valued at over $4bn. Adrian was formerly the 3rd core protocol engineer to work on building the Cosmos stack at Tendermint and completed a graduate thesis on censorship-resistant e-voting systems as a means of helping the Catalan people to gain their independence.

Source: Heliax website

Adrian Brink Current Work

  • Anoma Network Founder
  • Heliax Founder & Managing Director
  • Anoma Foundation Member of the Foundation Board

Adrian Brink Previous Work

Adrian Brink Education

  • IT-Universitetet i Kรธbenhavn, Master of Science - MS Computer Science,
  • Cass Business School, Bachelor of Science - BS Business Management,

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