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Founder at CoinState

Justin Wu Bio

Justin Wu stands out as a growth marketer and information architect with a remarkable knack for crafting and executing growth hacks and campaigns. His strategic acumen has supported brands in securing over $3 million through Kickstarter initiatives. Wu has also been instrumental in the robust launch of a SaaS company, reaching $100k in monthly recurring revenue and $1 million in annual recurring revenue in its inaugural year.

Influential Voice in Blockchain

In the dynamic blockchain realm, Wu has made significant contributions as a Growth and Marketing Lead. His role has spanned over 15 blockchain companies and decentralized applications (dApps), where he has steered successful marketing campaigns and strategic growth initiatives.

Social Media Influence and Recognition

A prolific content creator, Wu has cultivated a substantial following on Twitter, boasting over 135,000 followers. His expertise is not only recognized by the blockchain community but also by mainstream media, with appearances in The Wall Street Journal and prestigious events at CES, NASA, and NASDAQ. His thought leadership has also attracted sponsorship from notable industry giants such as Samsung, Intel, and New Balance.

Community Builder in Web3

Building Engaging Platforms

Wu’s dedication to Web3 and growth marketing since 2015 has seen him at the forefront of community creation and event management. He is the architect behind various influential community platforms, including:

  • Dcentral Conference in Austin and Miami
  • DAO Summit
  • Lifespan DeSci NY
  • Seattle Devcon

These platforms have been pivotal in advancing discussions and fostering community within the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance spaces.

Academic and Professional Background

Justin Wu’s academic pursuits at the University of Washington in Information Architecture have provided a strong foundation for his career. His deep understanding of product development and growth hacking is a testament to his educational and professional journey.

Focusing on Fintech and DeFi

Wu’s current focus lies at the intersection of Fintech and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). He is deeply engaged in exploring the future of finance and the burgeoning sector known as the internet of money.

A Strong Personal Brand

As a personal brand, Wu is committed to sharing valuable insights into growth and marketing strategies. His influence spans across multiple social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where he has built a combined following of over 200,000.

Through his impressive track record and ongoing projects, Justin Wu has established himself as a thought leader and a driving force in the evolution of marketing within the finance and internet sectors.

Justin Wu News

Justin Wu Current Work

  • CoinState Founder
  • BlockchainNW Co-Founder & Organizer
  • DGA Summit Founder & Organizer

Justin Wu Education

  • University of Washington, Information Architecture, 2008-2013

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