People Cosmoss

Architects bridging blockchains for seamless interoperability.

Adam Bozanich

Founder & CTO at Akash Network

Adam Wozney

Head of Community at Akash Network

Adrian Brink

Founder at Anoma Network

Andrea Di Michele

Protocol Specialist at stakefish

Arinna Shtedle

Chief BD & Integrations Officer at

Billy Rennekamp

Cosmos Hub Lead at Interchain Foundation

Brent Xu

Founder and CEO at Umee

Camila Garzon

Developer Relations at Edge & Node, GraphProtocol

Dan Edlebeck

Co-Founder at Sei Network

Dayakar Reddy

Founder at Omnifix

Dean Tribble

CEO at Agoric Systems Operating Company

Dominik Skrobacz

CEO at Chain4Energy

Enrico Talin

Founder and President at Commercio

Eric Chen

CEO and Co-Founder at Injective

Ethan Buchman

Co-Founder at Cosmos

Gregory Landua

Co-Founder at Regen Network

Griffin Anderson

Head of Product - Archway Protocol at Ignite

Guy Zyskind

Founder at Secret

Hyung Yeon Lee

Co-Founder at Crescent Network

Ismail Khoffi

CTO and Co-founder at Celestia Org

Jae Kwon

Founder at Tendermint

Jake Hartnell

Co-Founder at Stargaze

Jazear Brooks

Founder at SifChain

Jelena Djuric

Product Marketing, Business Development at Informal Systems

Joe Bowman

CEO and Co-founder at Ingenuity (Quicksilver Protocol)

Karel Kubat

CTO at Composable Finance

Marรญa ~ mamoresxiv

Founder and Creator at Women From Cosmos

Marko Baricevic

Cosmos-SDK Lead at Interchain Foundation

Onur Akpolat

Interchain Builder at Interchain Foundation

Peng Zhong

Former CEO at Ignite

Rebecca Liao

Co-founder & CEO at

Sarah-Diane Eck

CEO and Founder at Lum Network

Siddarth Patil

Founder at Comdex

Sistla Abhishek

Co-Founder at Omnifix

Sunny Aggarwal

Co-Founder at Osmosis

Susannah Evans

IBC Product Lead at Interchain Foundation

Tom Norwood

Co-Founder at Loop Finance

Tor Bair

Founder at Secret

Tushar Aggarwal

Founder and CEO at Persistence

Zaki Manian

Co-Founder at Sommelier Protocol

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