Hudson Jameson

Developer, DevOps, Comms at Ethereum Foundation

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Hudson Jameson is an Ethereum enthusiast and core developer liaison with a rich background in blockchain projects.

Since first discovering Bitcoin in 2011, Jameson has played an active role in various online communities for decentralized technology, including Dash and Ethereum.

After spending two years at USAA starting their blockchain program, Jameson left to work at the Ethereum Foundation. Jameson also co-founded Oaken Innovations, an IoT security start-up that utilizes distributed/decentralized software.

Some things he enjoy include converting VHS tapes to digital formats, playing tabletop RPGs with friends, TV shows targeted at millennials, Overwatch, and cookies ‘n cream flavored ice cream.

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  • University of North Texas, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science, 2010-2014

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