Elizabeth Stark

CEO & Co-Founder at Lightning Labs

Elizabeth Stark Bio

Elizabeth Stark is an American entrepreneur and educator. She holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Harvard University.


Stark co-founded and serves as the CEO of Lightning Labs, a company focused on building a programmable financial layer for the internet through fast and scalable blockchain transactions. She is also a fellow at Coin Center and an advisor at Chia, which develops a new blockchain protocol based on proof of space and time.

Academic Contributions

Stark has taught at Stanford and Yale University, focusing on the future of the internet. She was also a visiting fellow at Yale’s Information Society Project.

Advocacy and Influence

Stark played a key role in the Internet freedom movement that defeated SOPA/PIPA, mobilizing 18 million people worldwide. She has advised various startups on decentralized technology and AI and was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Stanford StartX.

Elizabeth Stark’s contributions to blockchain technology and internet policy have made her a prominent figure in the tech industry, dedicated to advancing scalable and secure financial systems.

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  • Harvard University, Doctor of Law,

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