Charlie Shrem

Founder at CryptoIQ

Charlie Shrem Bio

Charles Shrem, born on November 25, 1989, in Brooklyn, New York, comes from a Syrian Jewish family. An alumnus of Yeshivah of Flatbush, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from Brooklyn College in 2012.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Shrem’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on. In high school, he founded Epiphany Design and Production, focusing on computer and printer repairs. While at Brooklyn College, he launched Daily Checkout, a website for refurbished goods, later acquired by BlueSwitch in 2012.

Bitcoin Pioneering and BitInstant

In 2011, during his senior year, Shrem began investing in Bitcoin and co-founded BitInstant. The company streamlined bitcoin transactions and was a significant player until its closure in July 2013. Shrem also became a founding board member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Legal Challenges and Incarceration

In 2014, Shrem faced legal issues related to an unlicensed money-transmitting business connected to the Silk Road marketplace, leading to a two-year prison sentence. He was released in 2016.

Recent Ventures

Post-incarceration, Shrem has been actively involved in the crypto industry. He joined Jaxx as its COO and founded CryptoIQ, a cryptocurrency advisory firm. Shrem’s journey through the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial world and the emerging landscape of cryptocurrencies has made him a notable figure in the Bitcoin community.

Media Appearances and Recognition

Shrem’s story has been featured in documentaries like “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” and “Banking on Bitcoin,” and he has been a subject in several books about the digital currency revolution. His experiences and insights continue to contribute to the evolving narrative of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Source: Wikipedia

Charlie Shrem News

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Charlie Shrem Current Work

  • CryptoIQ Founder
  • Changelly Business Development Advisor
  • Bitcoin Foundation Founding Director

Charlie Shrem Previous Work

  • Decentral COO 2017
  • Jaxx Blockchain Interface COO 2017
  • EVR Partner 2013-2014
  •, LLC Founder & CEO 2011-2014
  • DailyCheckout Inc Director of Operations, Co-Founder 2009-2012

Charlie Shrem Education

  • City University of New York-Brooklyn College, BS, Economics & Science, 2008-2012

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