Vinny Lingham

Co-Founder & CEO at Civic

Vinny Lingham Bio

Vinny Lingham, a prominent figure in the South African tech industry, is the co-founder and CEO of Civic, a startup specializing in identity protection and management. His entrepreneurial journey includes founding and leading Gyft, a company he later sold to First Data Corporation in 2014 for over $50 million. Lingham’s business acumen is further demonstrated through his establishment of Yola, Inc., an innovative online platform empowering users to create their websites without technical expertise.

Contributions to the Tech Ecosystem

Lingham extends his influence beyond his companies, evident in his co-founding of SiliconCape, a non-profit organization based in South Africa. SiliconCape’s mission is to transform Cape Town into a vibrant technology hub, reflecting Lingham’s commitment to fostering a dynamic tech ecosystem in the region. His role as founder and CEO of the global technology firm incuBeta, along with its subsidiary Clicks2Customers, further showcases his ability to drive successful ventures in the digital space.

Source: Wikipedia

Vinny Lingham News

Vinny Lingham Current Work

  • Civic Co-Founder & CEO
  • Co-Founder & CEO
  • Multicoin Capital General Partner
  • Newtown Partners Co-founder & Limited Partner
  • Member YPO
  • The Bitcoin Foundation Board Member

Vinny Lingham Education

  • University of South Africa, Honours, E-Commerce, Cum Laude, 2000-2001

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