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Founder at Kripto Haber TR

Yunus Emre Özbucak Bio

Born on October 19, 2001, Yunus Emre Özbucak is a product of Beykoz University, where he majored in Computer Programming. After graduation, he found himself deeply engrossed in the development of his own crypto news website, a venture that initially began as a university hobby.

Founding Kripto Haber TR

Yunus’ interest in cryptocurrencies goes as far back as 2016. He synergized his passion for crypto and his programming skills to set up Kripto Haber TR in 2022. The website quickly blossomed into one of the most significant crypto news platforms in Turkey.

Beyond a Website Owner

More than just owning a website, Yunus is also an avid reader and an active participant in the Turkish crypto community. He and his compatriots have grown weary of misleading “clickbait” news. In response, Kripto Haber TR has made a name for itself as a beacon of reliable journalism, boasting 100% accurate headlines and non-deceptive content.

Editorial Roles and Translation Services

Yunus’ contributions to the crypto community extend beyond Kripto Haber TR. He serves as a senior editor for numerous UK-based websites, where he reviews and fine-tunes content from over six authors while handling necessary internal SEO adjustments. In addition, he helps new crypto ventures break into the Turkish market, offering advertising services and translation of whitepapers and on-site content.

Educating New Investors

Yunus uses his extensive knowledge of the crypto market to provide beginner investors with free information, aiding their entry into the crypto space. He has imparted his wisdom to more than 50 groups, covering topics such as chart reading and overall crypto awareness.

Exploring Artificial Intelligence

Upon deciding to capitalize on his affinity for crypto, Yunus also developed an interest in artificial intelligence and efficiency science. He holds a certificate in “Introduction to Data Engineering” from IBM, as well as an accreditation from BilgeAdam Technologies, one of Turkey’s most prestigious artificial intelligence institutions. His research in this field continues, marking him as an individual of many talents in the world of crypto and beyond.

Yunus Emre Özbucak Current Work

  • Kripto Haber TR Founder
  • CryptoNews Editor
  • Business 2 Community Senior Editor

Yunus Emre Özbucak Previous Work

  • Makale Dükkanı Founder Jul 2021 - Jul 2022
  • Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri Frontend Developer Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

Yunus Emre Özbucak Education

  • Beykoz Üniversitesi, Computer Programming, Jan 2019 - Jul 2021

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