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Princeton Research Claims China Motivated to “Kill” Bitcoin, Selfish Miners Governing 74 Percent of Network

A research study published on Oct. 5 claimed growing Chinese influence over the Bitcoin protocol is a “looming threat” to the $114 billion network. The paper alleged that China presents a problem to the security, stability, viability of the pioneer...

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This Revolutionary Use for Blockchain is Hiding in Plain Sight

I recently attended a panel of cryptocurrency experts (some of them skeptics) talking about cryptocurrency and then blockchain. The panel included computer science experts, investors, financial advisors, and intellectual property lawyers. It was good even with smart people, even...

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Bitcoin Hash Rate Doubles in Three Months, Mining Now Costlier Than Buying One BTC

According to research by Sam Doctor, a quantitative analyst at Fundstrat, Bitcoin mining costs have doubled since May. Increasing Hash Rate Late last week, Doctor released a cost analysis of the notoriously expensive Bitcoin mining process that supports the pioneer...

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