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Mojave Desert is Fertile Ground for America’s Largest Planned Solar Bitcoin Mining Farm

Plouton Mining is building one of the largest solar Bitcoin mining facility in the United States in California’s Mojave desert. The co-founder, Sammy Del Real, is a brain cancer survivor, musician, and high performing real-estate agent. Learn more about...

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Bitcoin Miners Eviscerated: Japan’s GMO Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Division

GMO Internet, a major Japanese-based technology company, has shuttered its division responsible for designing and manufacturing mining chips. Mounting losses from a weak cryptocurrency market resulted in the sudden decision. In a statement released on Dec. 25, GMO explained...

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Bitcoin Companies Purge: Bitmain and Huobi Lay Off Workers

The crypto-winter is affecting billion-dollar players in the cryptocurrency market. After the much-publicized layoffs at ConsenSys, SpankChain, and Steemit, mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain is reportedly cutting down 50 percent of its total workforce, alongside shutting down its entire Bitcoin...

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Humor: New Cryptocurrency Aims to Reduce Energy Consumption from Christmas Lights

Americans and their Christmas lights consume a staggering amount of energy. For December alone, these glowing ornaments consumed 4.5 terawatt-hours of electricity, more than the annual consumption of Laos. Fortunately, the new Festivus ICO is looking to reinvent Christmas...

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