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MakerDAO Voters Support Raising Ethereum-backed Loan Interest Rates to 7.5 Percent

MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that provides crypto collateralized loans, polled its community on whether to increase interest rates and by how much. The community voted to increase rates by the maximum that was proposed, 4.0 percentage points, raising...

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MakerDAO Votes to Raise Ethereum-backed Loan Interest Rate by 2.0 Percentage Points

MakerDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that provides crypto collateralized loans, voted to raise interest rates from 1.5 percent to 3.5 percent. The vote is a continuation of two February rate increases in an attempt to curb its Ethereum-backed stablecoin,...

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Largest Bank in the US, JP Morgan Chase, Unveils Cryptocurrency “JPM Coin”

JP Morgan has become the first US bank to create and test a cryptocurrency. “JPM Coin” is a blockchain-based system intended to supplant older technologies like SWIFT and wire transfer, providing faster settlement times for the bank’s institutional clients....

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Stably’s StableUSD (USDS) Scheduled for Listing on Binance Feb. 6th

The Pacific Northwest’s StableUSD is scheduled for listing on Binance on Feb. 5th. Stably’s USDS is a cryptocurrency that aims to introduce additional transparency and reliability into a fiat-backed stablecoin. Binance announced that it will list StableUSD (USDS) on...

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Stable Coins: Are They All Hype?

With cryptocurrency’s inherent uncertainty, users are searching for something that could bring back much-needed stability and mitigate price fluctuations. In the search, one concept continues to gain traction: stable coins. These are undoubtedly tough times for cryptocurrency investors. Digital...

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Japan’s Second Biggest Bank Launching Yen-Pegged Stablecoin in March 2019

Mizuho Bank, Japan’s second largest financial institution, is readying the infrastructure for a stablecoin launch in March 2019, as reported by Asia Nikkei Review. The coin is aimed at increasing low-cost cross-border transfers and remittances. Moving towards Crypto-Finance Mizuho...

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