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CMO at Core Decentralized Technologies

Matej Korený Bio

Matej is a dynamic entrepreneur with a deep interest in customer psychology. As a marketing specialist, he has experience in sectors such as e-commerce, fashion, automotive, investment, and cryptocurrency, which highlights his adaptability and success in various industries.

This versatility reached a pivotal moment when he ventured into the world of digital assets and blockchain technology. His contribution to this field has been substantial. Before cryptocurrencies gained mainstream popularity, Matej was already recognized in these communities as an educator and founder. He has published numerous articles and educational materials that have helped spread and understand digital currencies.

One of the aspects of Matej’s career was also his passion for cryptocurrency trading and other digital assets. This interest not only kept him closely tied to the market’s pulse but also led him to create a range of software solutions. These tools were designed to streamline and improve the daily routine of traders within these markets.

Matej also founded the marketing agency INSTA DIGITAL, through this company, he improved his skills in digital marketing and management, further expanding his already diverse portfolio of professional experiences.

During the last few years, he was also involved in the field of journalism, where he held the position of advisor for the crypto media CCnews24 for many years, where he also contributed hundreds of articles.

Currently, Matej is working on several projects:

👥 CorePass – Matej perceives CorePass digital identity as a revolutionary application that establishes new standards in regulatory compliance and data protection. His perspective, advocating for the ethical use of technology, aligns with this innovative application. He believes that widespread adoption of CorePass could significantly eliminate issues like cyberbullying, data theft, and the existence of fake and scam accounts on social media and online platforms.

🔵 Ping Exchange – As a seasoned crypto trader, Matej appreciates the platform’s user funds security, offline cold storage, and efficient, secure passwordless login. Highlights advanced compliance processes, foreseeing global recognition among Virtual Asset Service Providers.

🟢 Core Blockchain – Matej sees Core Blockchain (XCB) to be the best possible compromise between the two most successful blockchains and cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Core Blockchain comes with a new generation of PoW, Proof of Distributed Efficiency (PoDE), which means that it still maintains the nature of a maximally decentralized blockchain and at the same time eliminates the huge environmental burden that we see with BTC. Core Blockchain uses IoT devices including resources that can also be powered by waste and solar energy, batteries, or power banks. These devices have an energy consumption of around 8 to 15W/h. The Ylem language enables an object-oriented platform supporting methods, functions, objects, and classes, as well as larger smart contract architectures. Ylem is a huge improvement mainly in cryptography on Solidity, originally operating on the Ethereum network.

In the coming years, Matej expects a huge influx and migration of protocols to Core Blockchain thanks to the fact that it is an interoperable network with the Ylem language and is still maintaining a true decentralization model with a modernized PoW.

Matej sees himself as a dedicated advocate for the responsible and ethical use of technology in protecting humanity. He believes that while high-tech holds immense potential, it must be used in a way that protects and benefits humanity. His ideology harmonizes with the values and ethos of the CoDeTech ecosystem, where he currently holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

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  • Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, Bachelor's degree,

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