Giovanni Santostasi

CEO and Director of Research at Quantonomy

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Giovanni Santostasi is a distinguished figure with a diverse background encompassing physics, neuroscience, and financial analysis. Holding a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and having worked as a neuroscientist at Northwestern University, he delves into consciousness, intelligence, memory, and the crucial role of sleep in memory processing. With a keen interest in Bitcoin, Santostasi boasts 12 years of experience analyzing Bitcoin scientifically, culminating in the discovery of the BTC Power Law and the creation of the Power Law Theory of Bitcoin. As the CEO and Director of Research at Quantonomy, he merges his expertise in various fields to pioneer innovative approaches in understanding Bitcoin’s market dynamics and its broader implications. Santostasi’s commitment to research and education is evident through platforms like Patreon and YouTube, where he shares insights and tools related to the Power Law Theory of Bitcoin.

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  • Quantonomy CEO and Director of Research

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