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Steven Becker is President and COO of the organization developing MakerDao. MakerDAO is a unique dApp that generates Dai, the world’s first decentralized stablecoin that facilitates economic growth on the blockchain and economic empowerment with the blockchain.

Steven is responsible for the strategic business operations, partnerships, and marketing. An alternative investment professional with 20 years of experience, Steven owned and managed an alternative investment consulting company for six years prior to joining MakerDAO. In this role, he developed risk and investment management solutions through joint ventures in the UK as well as running a proprietary options and futures portfolio in the US.

Furthermore, Steven previously was an owner and manager of a diversified financial services company, a company whose hedge fund subsidiary won an award for best risk-adjusted performance during the financial crises. The private equity and securities financing arm of the company completed international deals with Areva, Rolls-Royce, Metropolitan West, and CalPERS along with a number of local resource deals of which one was listed. Steven has also been a market risk manager and interest rate derivatives trader for an investment bank before joining a startup securities financing and lending company that attempted to create a lending exchange.

Steven is Chartered as an Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) by the CAIA Association and certified as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) by the Global Association of Risk Professionals and remains a member of both associations. Steven is also a member of the Palo Alto University Rotary club. He has a Bachelor of Business Science degree in Finance, Financial Accounting and Economics and has completed post-graduate work in Financial Engineering all from the University of Cape Town.

Source: American Banker

Current Projects

MakerDAO, President and COO Cubit Capital, Founder


Mountain View, CA U.S.


University of Cape Town, Master of Science (M.Sc) Financial Mathematics, 2000-2002 University of Cape Town, Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) Finance, Financial Accounting and Economics,

Previous Projects

Polus Capital, Executive Director/CEO and Shareholder, 2003-2012 PSG Investment Bank, Interest Rate Derivatives Trader, 2002-2003 Penryth Global Securities Lending, Head of Risk and Product Development, 2001-2002


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