IOHK releases the first edition of the Plutus ebook, a guide to programming smart contracts on Cardano

IOHK releases the first edition of the Plutus ebook, a guide to programming smart contracts on Cardano

Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), a research and development company behind the Cardano project, has just released the first edition of their Plutus ebook. The book, which will be available on Amazon and LeanPub, is a comprehensive guide to the company’s Plutus programming language and aims to simplify the development experience on Cardano.

A new, comprehensive e-guide on Plutus just hit Amazon

Following the success of its Haskell-based functional programming language, IOHK decided to create and publish a comprehensive guide on Plutus. The company announced the news on Twitter on July 31, saying that ‘Plutus: Writing reliable smart contracts’ was available on Amazon and LeanPub.

According to IOHK’s blog post, the guide was created by the company’s education team to simplify the development experience on Cardano. Lars Brünjes and Polina Vinogradova, the main authors of the book, said that the main idea behind the ebook was to make it easier for people interested in writing high-assurance smart contracts to get started with Plutus.

IOHK said that the new Plutus ebook covers everything from how smart contracts interact with the blockchain down to working code examples with line-by-line explanations. Apart from that, the book also provides an overview of how accounting works in Cardano, Vinogradova said.

Plutus will be put to good use in Cardano’s blockchain accelerator lab

The launch of the Plutus ebook is part of IOHK’s larger effort to bring more people into the Cardano ecosystem. Emurgo, Cardano‘s commercial and venture arm, launched a blockchain accelerator hub in partnership with SOSV earlier this year called the dLab Blockchain accelerator.

SOSV is a global venture capital firm with 800 companies in its portfolio and over $650 million in assets under management. While dlab is the first blockchain program the company has worked on, it’s not the first startup accelerator it founded. According to Silicon Republic, the company has worked Hax, RebelBio, IndiaBio, Chinaccelerator, and Food-X—all startup labs focused on developing tech and hardware companies around the globe.

The program SOSV developed with Emurgo provides seed funding and mentorship to blockchain and crypto-focused startups, supplying grants up to $200,000 and 14 weeks of intensive co-located programming to young blockchain companies. Apart from that, dLab also has a fellowship program that funds selected individuals from 6 months to a year to explore new topics in decentralization.

Due to increased interest in the accelerator, dLab and Emurgo announced that they have extended the deadline for applications. Individuals and startups can still apply for funding and fellowship programs.

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