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How #Hashed Became a Quarter Billion Dollar Crypto Fund [INTERVIEW]

The largest Korean blockchain fund and accelerator of ICON Foundation, Hashed is shaping the Korean blockchain industry through its unique approach to finding and nurturing nascent projects. Chief Business Officer, Alex Shin, shares some of his insights on the dynamics, mission,...

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Justin Wu Is Bringing the Seattle Blockchain Community Together [INTERVIEW]

Home to Amazon, Microsoft, and now over twenty blockchain startups, Seattle has fostered technological innovation and entrepreneurship for decades. Justin Wu, an early-adopter of cryptocurrency and blockchain community leader, is organizing the first-ever blockchain conference to be held in...

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Interview with Decred’s Project Lead Jake Yocom-Piatt on Crypto Ad Bans and Market Volatility

The entire crypto market cap surpassed $800 billion dollars in January of 2018 – since then, the market has retraced to around $330 billion dollars, partly due to cryptocurrency ad bans from Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Unlike other projects...

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