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Binance Info 2.0 Offers Single-Source Insight into Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Binance Info 2.0 Offers Single-Source Insight into Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
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Binance Info 2.0 Offers Single-Source Insight into Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

In the densely-clustered space of cryptocurrency, education is valuable—literally.

In the densely-clustered space of cryptocurrency, education is valuable—literally. Paying attention to the word around the campfire is a great way to stay informed, and Binance Info 2.0 is making information easily accessible.

Reading is fundamental, and in this case, a new concept for ecological good. Cryptocurrency has been around for nearly 10 years, which means a lot has changed–including more than $800 billion worth changes, in USD market cap anyway. It’s fitting that a crypto-entity would construct a stage for which to view available networks, but Binance didn’t stop there.

Educational Platform Helps Guide Project Consideration

In just over a year, Binance was able to establish itself as the largest crypto exchange by trading volume in the world. From its high position on such a pedestal, the company chose to address the issue of incoherent static disrupting the community.

Thus, Binance Info 2.0 was born out to serve as a guiding light through the ecosystem’s jungle. The simply-constructed interface of more than 1,400 scrutinized coins and tokens allows users to learn about how the network operates, developing and existing projects, and their components as a trading resource.

In the announcement, Binance said:

“We at Binance believe in working together to lay down the foundation of our blockchain ecosystem; to create value for the industry, and better serve users in product functions by building a good ecological model. By launching Info 2.0—a comprehensive and objective information aggregation platform—we hope to continue bringing value to our users and building our industry together.”

Rating Scale Provides All-In-One Access to Coin Reports

From a marketing standpoint, Binance has really taken advantage of one of America’s favorite pastimes–judgment. The five-tiered rating scale is an upgrade compiled of more than 1,000 reports procured from 50 globally resourced ratings, capital and media agencies. More importantly, all project evaluations are free.

The third-party rating system, meanwhile, aims to make digital assets education easy with interactive features and a forthcoming video rating queue.

By providing white papers, founding biographies, project token supply and real-time candlestick charts, unilateral research is rendered irrelevant. All reports are sourced from professional third-party rating reports or research institutions–including media and industry opinion leaders.

“We welcome all blockchain projects, academics, rating agencies, capital and users, to contribute and take part in maintaining accurate and useful content.”

Blockchain Platforms Continue to Improve Solve Ecology Issues

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Cryptocurrency pioneers are positioning blockchain technology to surpass the idea it can only be associated with an enterprise. In a recently published report by the PwC, blockchain has the potential to go green and reconstitute biodiversity as a universally accepted tool, for example.

Binance already cleared a path for other platforms by launching its own charity branch to coincide with its education platform, however.

The ecosystem is going through changes, in real life and online, and Binance is offering the tools to open new ground, but it’s up to us to make it happen.

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