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Research: Nearly Half of Millennials Prefer Crypto Over Fiat

Since the ICO fervor of 2017, cryptocurrency and blockchain have become an international phenomenon, driving the digital economy movement. With public adoption on the rise, market research firm YouGov has conducted a study revealing recent statistics on cryptocurrency awareness....

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Local Bitcoin Price Hits Record-High of $24,000 in Iran

With public adoption on the rise, international cryptocurrency regulations continue to develop. On Sept. 4, Iran legitimized cryptocurrency mining as an industry–propelling local Bitcoin prices to new, record highs. Crypto Industry Gains Global Traction in Legitimization The Iranian government...

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Winklevoss Brothers File Patent Detailing Innovative Cryptocurrency Storage System

The wholly-owned investment fund of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss has filed a patent describing a secure mechanism for storing digital assets, according to a patent filing published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Winklevoss Attempt Crypto Breakthrough...

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Coinbase Explores Launching a Crypto ETF, Consults With BlackRock

Cryptocurrency-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been long-awaited by the crypto community as a catalyst for incoming institutional capital. According to a report by Business Insider, Coinbase is seeking to launch a cryptocurrency ETF. Coinbase Explores Crypto ETF San Francisco-based...

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Bittrex to Power Cryptofacil Digital Asset Platform in Uruguay

Seattle-based Bittrex’s global trading platform continues to increase its credibility by securing a licensing deal with Cryptofacil, a fintech company facilitating clients in Latin America and the Caribbean. Uruguay’s Future in Crypto By marrying Uruguay-based Cryptofacil’s marketing strategy for...

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Andy Warhol Painting Sold for Millions on Maecenas Blockchain

Blockchain is enabling a new era of frictionless payments and is disrupting multiple industries across the board–including art. Last month, Andy Warhol’s “14 Small Electric Chairs” was sold on decentralized auction platform Maecenas. First Multi-Million Painting Sold in Blockchain Auction...

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People’s Bank of China to Build Blockchain and Crypto Research Center to Test Digital Currencies

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC), China’s central bank, is expanding its blockchain technology and digital currency research efforts after several successful tests, according to CNStock. China’s Blockchain Push PBoC, the world’s largest bank by total assets, is increasing...

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Coinbase Pro Launches Crypto Trading Support Using British Pounds (GBP)

With public adoption on the rise, cryptocurrency trading is expanding across the globe. On Sept. 7, Coinbase Pro will launch cryptocurrency trading support for its U.K.-based customers. Crypto Trading Pairs for GBP Introduced Coinbase Pro will introduce Ethereum (ETH),...

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