Bibox Officially Debuts Gemini GUSD to the Market

In just under a week, the Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency platform Gemini has been listed for trade on Bibox, officially launching the GUSD market. The regulated stablecoin, built on Ethereum’s network, became available Sept. 14.

It was revealed via Twitter that a deal was in the works, but a date wasn’t provided.

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A day after announcing their U.S. dollar backed-stablecoin, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss declared Bibox as the official exchange for listing GUSD.

Chinese crypto giant Bibox is an artificial intelligence entity that provides encrypted digital asset exchanges. The swift nature of the offering is a key indicator of Bibox’s confidence in the Gemini network and a compliment to both its security and user-friendly interface.

It was only August when Bibox was approved for its Swiss VQF license, developed its blockchain laboratory BiboxLab and began hosting clientele across 10 countries. While headquartered in New York and Hong Kong, Bibox is available in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Estonia, and currently boasts a top-10 global ranking.

Additionally, three weeks ago, the trillion-dollar crypto exchange Huobi entered Hong Kong’s market and then partnered with Bibox. Approximately 16 capitals have joined Bibox Lab, according to Bibox co-founder Aries Wang.

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