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“Zuckerberg’s sister just committed a crime:” users ridicule new crypto anthem “Zuckerberg’s sister just committed a crime:” users ridicule new crypto anthem

“Zuckerberg’s sister just committed a crime:” users ridicule new crypto anthem

Randi Zuckerberg seemingly wanted to promote the world of crypto and Web3 in a music video—but it backfired spectacularly.

“Zuckerberg’s sister just committed a crime:” users ridicule new crypto anthem

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

Randi Zuckerberg, the former director of market development and spokesperson for Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, has recently published a new crypto-endorsing music video titled “We’re all gonna make it.”

After watching the clip, however, a lot of crypto enthusiasts lost their faith in that statement.

“Zuckerberg’s sister just committed a crime. This is honestly the worst thing I’ve seen ever. It’s bad,” summarized crypto artist and writer Stellabelle on Twitter.

The music video itself features an all-female cast and essentially rehashes some of the most pervasive buzzwords in the world of crypto.

“I sing this song, surrounded by new friends, as a rallying cry for the women of web3. Together, we can accomplish anything,” Randi Zuckerberg wrote. “I’ve been thinking about a fun way to explain crypto jargon to newcomers. All the acronyms/phrases can feel super intimidating at first. Hope this video is a fun 2-min crypto lingo 101 lesson that speaks to the spirit of women in Web3.”

Indeed, numerous acronyms popular on Crypto Twitter, including WAGMI (“we’re all gonna make it”), DYOR (“do your own research”), GM (“good morning”), BTD (“buy the dip”), and a great many more were just randomly dropped in the song without any observable rhyme or reason.

Given how blatantly these jargonisms were cobbled together to sound as hip as possible, it is hardly surprising that many actual crypto-natives got miffed by the performance—including those standing for women empowerment in crypto.

“To be clear: I’m 100% for women being empowered by crypto and I’m an example of this….. been living like this for 6 years…… this video is a slap in the face, to be honest. A total co-opting of the culture I helped to build from 2017,” Stellabelle added. “Zuckerberg has no place in the metaverse.”

“We all just got fuckin’ rugged”

Other crypto enthusiasts were left dumbfounded by the music video as well, although not at a loss for words. “I’m in a bunker, and this just made my day worse,” tweeted one user with the Ukrainian flag next to their nickname.

“I really don’t wanna use any of the jargon anymore….but we all just got fuckin rugged. everyone dump immediately,” another commenter added.

Some also compared Randi Zuckerberg’s song to “Friday,” Rebecca Black’s notorious music video from 2011 that is widely considered the epitome of “cringe” when it comes to amateur songwriting and performing.

“I think… I think this video made me actually like centralized banking… How do I delete Metamask?” one of the users also conjectured.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like not everything crypto-related is “gonna make it” after all.

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