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Blockchain May Change How Real-World Tabletop Card Games are Played [Interview]

As blockchain technology hits the gaming industry, most game developers are only exploring subtle integrations. Meanwhile, a Seattle startup is making extensive use of the technology to completely reinvent how tabletop card games are played and distributed. New Gaming...

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Why Rise is About to Let Anyone to Trade Crypto with its “Wall Street-Grade” Algorithms [INTERVIEW]

The zero-sum game that is trading has traditionally been a tough sell for retailers, who may seldom come out on top in their daily tug-of-war with the deep-pocketed institutions that wrap most markets around their fingers. CryptoSlate, however, sat...

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Binance CFO Interview: 2 Main Things Will Drive Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Wei Zhou, the chief financial officer of Binance, believes two main factors will drive the mainstream adoption of crypto in the long-term. Solid cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure that increases the ease of purchasing cryptocurrency and an increase in the number...

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“Raging Bull” Adam Todd Has Big Plans for Digitex in the Futures Market [INTERVIEW]

What started as a slapdash collection of retail crypto exchanges seems to have ballooned to epidemic proportions—the entire trading world apparently fixed to heave asset-class after class onto the blockchain. Veteran trader, now Digitex founder and lead architect Adam...

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Exclusive Interview with Charles Hoskinson: How Ethereum and Cardano’s Approach to Scaling Differs

At the Malta Blockchain Summit, Ethereum co-creator and IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson spoke to CryptoSlate in an exclusive interview to share insights into his early days at Ethereum (ETH) and the work IOHK has done to develop Cardano (ADA)...

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Texas Law Enforcer Who Took Down BitConnect: The Hunt for Crypto Cowboys in the Lone Star State [INTERVIEW]

In an exclusive interview, CryptoSlate spoke with the Director of Enforcement at the Texas State Securities Board, Joseph Rotunda, who has presided over more than a hundred investigations into suspect crypto offerings since a 2017 state-wide sweep that rocked...

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