What is it?

PepperDB is a decentralized database for pure dApps. It provides SQL/NoSQL compatible protocol which allows developers to build decentralized applications with existing tech stack and deploy them with no pains. PepperDB uses on-chain and off-chain mixed technology to achieve both high availability and storage capacity.

ICO Countries Not Allowed

The following countries are not allowed to participate in the crowdsale:

  • China
  • USA

PepperDB Details

Blockchain Own Blockchain
Team Location Beijing, China
First Announced June 4, 2018

Project Details

Status | TBD
ICO Start Date TBD
ICO End Date TBD
Total Supply 100,000,000 PDT +5M/yr.
Investor Supply 40,000,000 PDT
ICO Conversion

1 PDT = 0.24 USD

Supply Distribution

40% Fundraising
30% Team
21% Previous Investors
9% Community Motivation, Airdrop, Operations, Developer Plan, etc.

PepperDB Founding Team

Registered Company Name

PepperDB Foundation

Roy Guo
Roy Guo


Sean Fu
Sean Fu


Remy Trichar
Remy Trichar


Peng Lei
Peng Lei

Co-Founder & Tech Leader